Fan-favorite Warzone feature is ruining Rebirth Island’s return

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Operators in Rebirth Island

Despite being a fan-favorite feature in Battle Royale, since the Nuke contract was introduced in Rebirth Island Resurgence, it has completely altered how the fast-paced mode plays out.

Since its first iteration, Warzone granted players the opportunity to jump into two different gameplay experiences. This includes Battle Royale, highlighted by its slow and tactical playstyle, and on the opposite side, Resurgence, featuring fast-paced and action-packed gameplay.

However, since the introduction of the Nuke contract in the returning Rebirth Island map with Season 3, Resurgence was considerably affected with players shifting how they approach the mode in casual lobbies.

While the Nuke contract is a fan-favorite feature in Urzikstan, given the BR map is considerably bigger, allowing plenty of space to approach the challenging Champion’s Quest tasks, it feels like Resurgence isn’t the right place for players to take on the Nuke.

The contract’s introduction generated a substantial difference in the mode’s playstyles, with players dividing between taking the mode too seriously, while others just camp in buildings to prevent being easily killed by sweat enemies.

This issue was also brought up on Reddit, where some players also felt this was happening a lot. While Rebirth Island wasn’t the ultimate casual experience, players who decided to jump into it were looking for a Warzone mode focused on non-stop action and some challenging encounters.

However, I think the Resurgence approach issue could also be related to how most Ranked players approach the casual experience after focusing on the competitive mode.

After pursuing tense gameplay, emphasized by fast decisions, extreme survival, and constant action to gain as much SR, the only possible reason players would want to join a Resurgence casual lobby is to complete the Nuke contract, which follows the same competitive-focused playstyle.

Given the small size map and fast-paced gameplay rules, Resurgence’s Rebirth Island should remain a casual experience. Although the Nuke can spice things up for players during the match, it doesn’t feel the same as it did on Vondel in Warzone Season 2, which impacts the beloved Rebirth Island experience by making it more sweaty.

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