MW3 & Warzone April 23 update patch notes: Ranked Play weapon restriction changes, quickscope challenge fix, more

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone operators overlooking rebirth island

MW3 and Warzone have received a new patch on April 23 addressing a variety of bugs for the battle royale as well as the multiplayer’s Ranked Play weapon restrictions.

MW3 and Warzone is incredibly supported by the devs, as they’re constantly updating and fixing issues in both games. April 23 brings a new patch for MW3 and Warzone Season 3, even addressing the Ranked Play weapon evaluation in Season 3.

Here are the full Warzone and MW3 April 23 patch notes for those interested.

Warzone & MW3 April 23 patch notes

These are the full patch notes for the MW3 and Warzone April 23 update:



  • Resolved an exploit involving Rear Grips on Handguns allowing players to gain an unfair advantage.



  • Challenges that require quickscope kills are now more lenient in detection when using Weapons that cannot one-shot kill.


  • 6 Star
    • Added collision near the Garden to prevent players from reaching exploitable areas.
  • Growhouse
    • Added collision near the Container to prevent players from reaching exploitable areas.
  • Tanked
    • Added collision near the Entrance to prevent players from reaching exploitable areas.


  • One in the Chamber
    • Corrected win conditions to prevent the last-standing player from incurring a loss.



  • Concluded: Weapon Evaluation
    • Thank you for your feedback and gameplay data! The Call of Duty League, Sledgehammer Games, and our teams will discuss findings and share an update after the launch of Season 3 Reloaded.
  • Content Restrictions Update
    • Weapons
      • ARs
        • BP50
        • Holger 556
        • MTZ-556
      • SMGs
        • WSP Swarm
        • HRM-9
        • RAM-9



  • Fixed additional collision issues on Rebirth Island that allowed players to exploit geography.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the gas mask animation from playing, leading it to function improperly.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players in a passenger seat from using UAVs.

Well, there you have it, that was the full patch notes for April 23. For more on MW3 and Warzone, check out the suprising LMG that’s domianting Warzone, as well as the best RAM-7 loadout for MW3.

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