How to level up fast in Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Reloaded: Rank & weapons

Nathan Warby
Tester skin in MW3 beta with logoActivision

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Reloaded added several new weapons to the game and players might be looking to level up quickly. Here are some tips to help you level up fast in MW3 Season 1 Reloaded.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Reloaded is nearing its conclusion, but before Season 2 comes around, players are taking to multiplayer to level up new weapons such as the HRM-9 and TAQ Evolvere.

There are also plenty of rewards as you progress through the season which makes it worth grinding to climb the ranks. But if you want to speed up the process, here’s how you can level up rank and weapons fast in Modern Warfare 3.

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MW3: How to level up Rank fast

Here are the best ways to level up your Rank fast in MW3. Keep in mind that since most players are already aware that using Double XP Tokens or playing during a Double XP event are great ways to level up fast in MW3, we haven’t included them below.

Complete daily challenges

Modern Warfare 3 has overhauled the daily and weekly challenge system. These will often be quite easy to complete, such as completing matches or earning kills, and offer a great deal of XP to rank up fast in MW3.

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With this in mind, keep an eye on the daily challenges tab on the left of the lobby screen and ensure you’re ticking them off each day.

Test Dummy skin in MW3 betaActivision
MW3 players can earn unique camos by completing weekly challenges.

Play the objective

This may seem like an obvious one, but sticking to the objective is a great way to level up quickly in Modern Warfare 3. While simply earning kills will come with a steady stream of XP, anything that contributes to your team’s victory will come with its own reward.

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Make sure you’re picking up tags in Kill Confirmed, capturing flags in Domination, and holding the Hardpoint to rack up easy XP simply by playing the game.

Go for the win

Winning matches earns a ton of XP in Modern Warfare 3. At the end of each match, you’re rewarded with all of the XP you picked up, but if you win the game as well you’ll receive a bonus.

While many players will run off as a lone wolf, it pays to work with your team to achieve the common goal. If you’re consistently winning games, you’ll rank up fast in MW3.

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How to level up weapons fast in MW3

Weapon progression menu in Modern Warfare 3Activision
Leveling up weapons unlocks more attachments in MW3.

Play Ground War

Although most players will stick to traditional Modern Warfare 3 modes, the sprawling battles of Ground War are perfect for leveling up guns. The extra player count offers more chances to get kills and a longer runtime only helps with speeding up the process with XP.

There are also more objectives than the likes of Domination, so you can easily pick up additional points by defending or clearing flags.

PlayStation Party bonus

If you’re a Modern Warfare 3 player on PlayStation, you can level up your guns fast, simply by teaming up with a friend. Joining or hosting a party with friends offers a 25% XP boost, drastically speeding up how quickly the next set of attachments are unlocked.

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Of course, not all players will be able to join up with others for every session, but it certainly pays to invite a friend when possible. Unfortunately, this bonus isn’t available on other platforms.

Those were the best ways to level up your weapons and Rank quickly in MW3.

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