Best SMGs in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded

Joseph Pascoulis
Warzone player running while holding an SMG

The Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update brought gun buffs and nerfs that altered the SMG landscape.

If you’re looking to use the best SMGs in Warzone matches, here are all the options ranked, with an overview of the top five picks.

Best Warzone SMGs ranked list

  1. Superi 46
  2. FJX Horus
  3. Lachmann Shroud
  4. WSP-9
  5. AMR9
  6. Striker
  7. Striker 9
  8. WSP Swarm
  9. HRM-9
  10. Rival-9
  11. RAM-9
  12. ISO 9mm
  13. Lachmann Sub
  14. BAS-P
  15. Vaznev-9k
  16. ISO 45
  17. Fennec 45
  18. VEL 46
  19. PDSW 528
  20. FSS Hurricane
  21. MX9
  22. Minibak

There are a total of 22 SMGs to choose from, and our ranked list should make your selection process easier.

Rankings explained

5. AMR9

AMR9 Warzone
The AMR9 was considered the best SMG before a massive nerf knocked it down.

The AMR9 is slowly climbing up to reclaiming its title as the best SMG after it received a damage buff in Season 4, allowing it to rise a few places in the ranked list.

However, given the impressive potential of the top picks, and despite maintaining a great fire rate and mobility, this gun still underperforms in the damage department which ultimately lands it the fifth spot.

4. WSP-9

WSP-9 with Warzone logo
The WSP-9 resembles the classic Uzi SMG.

The WSP-9 has been a consistent presence on this list from Season 1 to Season 4, and it will continue to be a reliable option for players. This weapon has competitive damage output and amazing mobility, however, it has a slow fire rate that pushes it back a few places compared to its counterparts.

3. Lachmann Shroud

Lachmann Shroud with Warzone logo
The Lachmann Shroud is modeled after the iconic MP5.

The Lachmann Shroud‘s Season 4 Aftermarket Part allows the forgotten MW2 SMG to be turned into a powerful weapon and return to the close-range meta.

While this SMG was nowhere near the top in previous seasons, its great damage profile and fire rate when equipped with the JAK Decimator Conversion Kit allows it to go toe to toe with its counterparts.

2. FJX Horus

FJX Horus Warzone
After its Season 3 debut, the FJX Horus finally hits the top end of the SMG rankings.

Following a massive damage buff in Season 4, the FJX Horus claims the second-best SMG spot. The SMG is a well-rounded option for close-range engagements. Previously, its stats weren’t as impressive but the adjustments grant it amazing mobility, fire rate, and damage range.

1. Superi 46 – Best SMG in Warzone

superi 46 with warzone logo
The Superi 46 claims the best SMG spot in its debut season.

Despite being added in Season 4, the Superi 46 claims the title of best SMG in Warzone. You can’t go wrong with the Superi 46, thanks to its top-tier damage range and speedy handling. The weapon received a minor nerf to its damage profile on July 2, but it wasn’t enough to knock it off the top spot.

Ultimately, it feels incredibly easy to use, so we suggest wielding it as your go-to close-range weapon in Season 4 Reloaded.

No matter which one you pick, be sure to use the best controller, audio, and FOV settings, allowing you to spot any close-range threats in the battle royale.