Warzone glitch convinces players a night mode will arrive soon

Max Candelarezi
Warzone 2's Al Mazrah at night

An in-game glitch has convinced Warzone players a night mode will arrive soon, similar to what happened with previous maps within the game.

The changes to the different Warzone maps throughout its history have allowed fans to enjoy the map and prevent it from becoming repetitive after a long time of playing.

From the complete destruction of specific points of interest to fresh iterations of maps such as Verdansk ’84, as well as minor adjustments in fan-favorite locations, these modifications create an ever-evolving experience that players find appealing.

As we approach the Halloween season, players eagerly begin to expect major changes to some of the game’s maps, one particularly favored addition has been the introduction of a night mode.

Warzone glitch hints possible night mode could arrive in the game

Recently, Reddit user McCloudUK shared an image showcasing a Warzone glitch which fans quickly thought was hinting at a possible night mode to arrive in the game.

The image depicts one of the Al Mazrah buildings with windows that appear to be more luminous, a phenomenon typically associated with nighttime. However, as this occurrence is unusual during daylight hours, players related this to the possibility that the game might introduce a night mode in the future.

While the concept may appear unlikely to some, the introduction of a night game mode in Warzone isn’t groundbreaking, as the game’s first iteration originally included nighttime versions of not one, but two different beloved maps: Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

To celebrate Halloween, Warzone released the night version of Verdansk, which allowed players to enjoy the map in a spookier and darker version. Following the great reception, after the nuclear fallout that engulfed Verdansk in 2021, Rebirth Island also received its night version.

As Halloween draws near, and with leaks suggesting the potential return of The Haunting event with the game’s Season 6, the addition of a night map becomes a plausible possibility, as one user remarked on the Reddit post, saying: “Looks like Halloween event textures are bleeding over to me.”

Despite no official confirmation has been made yet, the incredible reception of similar modes in previous iterations is likely to support the transition to a nighttime setting.

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