Warzone devs respond to Perk glitch letting players survive gas

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Warzone Operator in the gasActivision

Warzone Season 2 has brought several changes to the game, including some Perk changes that accidentally allowed players to survive the deadly gas. Luckily, the devs were quick to respond and address the issue.

Warzone Season 2 finally arrived on February 7, introducing plenty of new content for players to delve into. This update featured Fortune’s Keep’s comeback, new weapons like the RAM-9 SMG and BP50 AR, and several weapon buffs and nerfs.

Additionally, the seasonal update brought several improvements to the game, including long-awaited audio changes, as well as Perks adjustments. On February 9, Warzone pro Fifakill shared that the newly adjusted Irradiated Perk was “broken” when combined with Quick Fix.

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The popular streamer stated on their X account “Irradiated + Quick fix is INSANELY broken. Gas plays for days” alongside a video where they managed to stay within the gas for over a minute.

Irradiated was one of the Perks that was changed with the Warzone Season 2 update, allowing players to use armor plates while in the gas. When combined with Quick Fix, which triggered health regeneration immediately after using a plate, it turned the combination into a “broken” meta for Season 2.

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In the Season 2 patch notes, Raven Software stated that they increased the damage reduction slightly to allow an “adjacent benefit” when using the Perk, however, it looked like the balance between the damage taken while in the gas and allowing players to equip plates wasn’t working as intended.

Luckily, before gaining widespread popularity within the Warzone community, the devs addressed the glitch by stating that the Quick Fix Perk was “temporarily updated to remove health regen” which started right after replacing an armor plate.

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