When is Rebirth coming back to Warzone?

Nathan Warby
Rebirth Island map

Rebirth Island stood as a fan-favorite map in the original Warzone, but will the popular Resurgence map come back to Warzone? Here’s all you need to know.

The next episode of Warzone is scheduled to launch on December 6 alongside Season 1 of MW3. It will bring the new battle royale map Urzikstan, including new points of interest, as well as the return of fan-favorite movement mechanics, and more.

However, veteran Warzone fans are wondering if the beloved Rebirth Island map, Warzone’s first Resurgence map inspired by Alcatraz, will be coming back to the game in the future. So here’s everything we know about it.

Will Rebirth Island arrive in Warzone?

Yes, Rebirth Island will arrive in Warzone “later in 2024,” as confirmed by Ted Timmins, Senior Creative Director at Raven Software, during the Call of Duty Next event on October 5, 2023.

Rebirth won’t be the only returning map, as Vanguard’s Fortune’s Keep will also arrive at Warzone on a separate date in 2024.

Despite not much information being revealed, Timmins confirmed the development of both maps is being led by High Moon Studios and Beenox, the teams that brought them to life.

Also, it has been announced that Rebirth Island will be making its arrival in Warzone Mobile, granting players the possibility to play the fan-favorite Resurgence Island on both mobile and console/PC platforms.

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