Warzone players want the sun nerfed after being blinded in Resurgence

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Fortune's Keep

Resurgence matches can have a wide variety of enemies and difficulties, but the biggest one for many players has become the sun, which prevents them from seeing enemies properly.

Season 2 Reloaded has arrived in Warzone introducing a ton of content for players to enjoy. This includes a brand-new mobile POI in Fortune’s Keep, alongside fresh weaponry like the SOA Subverter BR and Soulrender Melee weapon.

Also, the mid-season update carried several buffs and nerfs to the existing roster of guns, which considerably changed the meta. To dominate the game, players must make sure all variables are under control, however, the sun’s brightness on Fortune’s Keep has turned into the players’ main rival.

In a Reddit post, user ‘Commando_ag’ shared a screenshot titled “#NerfTheSun,” calling out the visible “glare” in several Fortune’s Keep POIs. Then the OP followed, “I understand ‘realism’ but it should be considerably toned down for the sake of gameplay.”

To fix this, players tried helping each other out by sharing tips and potential solutions, but most have failed to crack it. “I tried playing with screen brightness but then i was blind indoors. I avoid fortunes keep for the most part, hurts my eyes,” a user expressed.

However, other players remembered this isn’t the first time Warzone has had issues with the sun’s brightness. While some think this isn’t “as bad as it was with MW1 and Verdansk… if your enemy is facing the direction of the sun, you’re practically fu**ed.”

Another player shared his experience, “I’ve died a few times because I couldn’t see the fu**er because of this godray,” and begged devs to “move the sun somewhere else.”

When facing similar situations in the past, the dev team has introduced changes to prevent the sun’s brightness from noticeably affecting the gameplay. However, it remains unknown if the team plans to update the Resurgence map’s sun brightness.

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