Warzone players want “extremely overdue” Rebirth Island feature on all maps

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Season 3 Time of Day feature

Following the reveal of a long-awaited feature coming to Rebirth Island later in Season 3, Warzone players are now requesting devs to add it to other maps in the battle royale.

Warzone‘s seasonal updates have always stood out for bringing sweeping changes or slight modifications to the Battle Royale and Resurgence maps to prevent the battlegrounds from becoming repetitive.

In this note, Raven Software announced a new feature coming with Rebirth Island later in Season 3 called Time of Day, introducing weather changes affecting the fan-favorite island’s “atmospheric mood.” This led players to request the devs to add it to every Warzone map.

In Reddit, user ‘Healthy-Werewolf5879’ shared a post in which they expressed the desire to see Rebirth Island’s “extremely overdue time of day cycle” to be added into the “rest of the Warzone maps.”

Also, they suggested it could be implemented through “random events, random rotation, or maybe just one map during the weekend.” To close his post, they added: “You saw that Al Mazrah (Night) was a hit but dropped the ball and didn’t stick with that feature.”

In the replies, another user agreed with the OP stating, “That and a weather system. Fortnite has proven to constantly do both, I don’t understand why Warzone can’t have it.”

Other players raise concerns about the idea saying that it sounds good but adding that much detail to the game would “actually kill performance even more.”

However, most players are confident that introducing slight tweaks to existent maps could drastically help to improve the game’s “staleness.”

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