Warzone fans beg for “OG” map return after Fortnite smashes player count record

Max Candelarezi
CoD players dropping into Blackout map

Following Fortnite’s OG season which broke the game’s player count record, Call of Duty fans have shared their desire to see the franchise’s first Battle Royale experience return to Warzone.

With the launch of Modern Warfare 3 on November 10, CoD’s free-to-play Warzone experience will receive its next chapter including a big new map called Urzikstan, new Perks, and weapons.

However, the success of Fortnite’s OG season, which brought back the game’s original map released in 2018 and resulted in a player-count record, led Warzone players to wish for the return of Call of Duty‘s first Battle Royale map, Blackout, introduced in Black Ops 4.

Although players were initially excited about the devs reintroducing the fan-favorite Verdansk map, several fans have mentioned that Blackout’s map would be a “superior” option to bring back in Warzone, hoping players will jump into the game again.

characters in the blackout map
Black Ops 4’s Battle Royale experience Blackout launched in 2018.

Since Blackout was initially a paid mode tied to the purchase of Black Ops 4, many players believe the map should be made available for free in Warzone, therefore granting them the chance to enjoy the first Call of Duty Battle Royale experience without any additional cost.

A discussion arose in response to a post by CharlieIntel on X regarding which BR experience should be reintroduced in Warzone. While Verdansk is the top preference for most, it’s noteworthy that Blackout has garnered significant attention among the suggestions.

“Cod Blackout OG Map would be fire,” shared a user in the replies. Another player chimed in adding, “I’m not a fan of Battle Royales, like AT ALL, but Blackout’s design was an interesting one,” further clarifying the fans’ choice for Blackout’s return, which is considered the “OG” BR experience for CoD.

Although the expectations for the return of the original Battle Royale experience are tempered somewhat, it remains to be seen if this will ever come true. However, fans haven’t lost hope that this will happen one day.

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