MW3 players desperate for slept-on MW2 2022 map to return 

Max Candelarezi
MW2 Operators DRC Zone 1 map

Despite MW3 carrying over the full map roster of MW2 2009, players want the “best original” MW2 2022 maps, alongside some MW classics, to return in SHG’s title.

Modern Warfare 3 offers players a ton of maps, ranging from brand-new to well-known multiplayer battlegrounds that they can jump into. However, considering the huge number of iconic maps that Call of Duty has featured since its first game, players believe some should return in MW3.

Thanks to the Carry Forward feature, which allows content from MW2 (2022) to carry over to SHG’s title, players are now voicing a desire for the comeback of some OG MW maps.

This request was prompted by user ‘East_Boysenberry2191’ on Reddit, in which they shared their desire for devs to bring back MW2’s Season 5 Reloaded DRC – Zone 1 map.

“This was too late in the season to get the love it deserved. Fast paced and well designed map,” user ‘ChemicalSummer8849’ noted about MW2‘s DRC – Zone 1. Another player added, “Facts. Nobody asked for DOME. If you’re going to add mwII maps, make it the GOOD ones.”

“PLEASE. that map is unironically the GOAT of MwII. Better than mercado las almas if You ask me,” a third player shared. Agreeing, the OP answered, “It was definitely the sleeper hit of mwII. Probably didn’t get much attention because it was released late in the life cycle of the game.”

With the Season 2 Reloaded update, the MW3 devs added Dome’s MW2 version to the Quick Play rotation, which led players to not rule out the possibility of more MW2 maps being introduced in the game.

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