Warzone players divided by leaked looting changes coming after MW3 integration

Max Candelarezi
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Modern Warfare 3’s launch is getting closer, and with it, the game’s integration with Warzone. During a podcast stream, popular creator JGOD shared a leak about the future of Warzone’s looting system that divided the game’s community.

Every battle royale game features its own unique loot system designed to complement its gameplay. In Warzone‘s case, the game’s various iterations have undergone changes in pursuit of the perfect system. When the second iteration of the game was released, the dev team attempted to simplify looting by introducing a backpack system.

Unfortunately, devs didn’t anticipate players exploiting this system by overloading their backpacks with valuable loot. As a result, they had to remove the backpack looting system and return to the classic floating loot system. In this revised system, players can still store items in a small backpack.

Seems like a new leak indicates that the game’s current looting system could undergo a major change, which divided the Warzone community.

MW3 leak reveals Warzone’s looting system could undergo changes

During the Pullzecheck podcast, creator JGOD shared, after a question from Repullze, that a leak revealed that Warzone’s looting system could supposedly undergo changes, with the backpack system being “phased out” from the game after the MW3 integration.

Below the X post sharing the news, players shared their thoughts stating, “W, simplicity is better WZ1 style, the time I spend rearranging my backpack for 40 kill-streaks 30 plates 20 flares and a partridge in a pear tree is abysmal.”

Another player chimed in to defend the current system: “I actually prefer the backpack system now. Being able to hold a little more ar ammo when playing solo trios/ quads is super beneficial…” additionally, another player stated, “I like the backpack system, it’s really not that difficult.”

Given the significant changes Sledgehammer Games implemented in MW3, which are expected to be integrated into Warzone later this year, it’s possible the free-to-play title could receive some additional modifications.

However, it’s important to approach this information cautiously, as it hasn’t been confirmed officially by Call of Duty. For more on the game, check out the Urzikstan map, which is set to arrive with MW3 and Warzone’s integration featuring a ton of classic CoD maps.

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