Warzone 2’s map is “more like Blackout” than Verdansk or Caldera, claims insider

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call of duty blackout map

More and more information about Warzone 2 is reportedly being leaked and industry insider Tom Henderson claims that its new map “looks more like Blackout” than it does Warzone’s Verdansk and Caldera.

Although Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s Blackout never reached the same level of popularity as Warzone, it’s still looked back on fondly by its players. Many preferred the more traditional battle royale mechanics, and the map is looked back on particularly fondly.

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Unlike Verdansk’s skyscrapers and Caldera’s thick jungles and steep cliffs, Blackout’s map was far more flat and open with distinguishable areas that featured classic maps.

While leaks have indicated that the upcoming Warzone 2’s map will be set in central America, industry insider Tom Henderson claims that the sequel’s map is more like Blackout than Warzone.

Wetworks POI in call of duty blackout

Activision confirmed back in February that they were developing a sequel to Warzone alongside Modern Warfare 2. Very little is known about the next CoD battle royale, but there’s been a ton of leaks surrounding it.

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It was initially suggested that Warzone 2’s map would be set in the desert, then insider TheGhostOfHope claimed that the map would be inspired by Medellín, Colombia.

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Not long after YouTuber NerosCinema leaked that Warzone 2 would be more like Blackout than the original Warzone was, with new Loadout mechanics and an inventory system, Tom Henderson said the map will resemble Blackout as well.

“The new Warzone 2 map looks more like Blackout than it does Warzone in terms of its layout,” tweeted Henderson on May 18.

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With Henderson paying particular attention to its layout, it’s possible we’ll see the map divided up into more distinct regions with the POIs being built around classic maps from the Modern Warfare franchise — Highrise has been leaked for the new map, after all.

We’re likely months out from any official reveal for Warzone 2 and its map, but if these new leaks are to be believed, Blackout fans should have a lot to look forward to with Warzone’s sequel.

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Image Credit: Activision

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