Warzone devs confirm Ranked Play still planned for Urzikstan

Nathan Warby
Warzone players in Ranked Play

Warzone players have been desperate for Ranked Play to arrive on Urzikstan after being limited to Resurgence since Season 2, and the devs have confirmed that a big map competitive mode is still part of their plans.

Warzone Ranked Resurgence was introduced back in Season 2, giving players a full competitive experience that was exclusive to Vondel. Later, in Season 3, the mode made the jump over to Rebirth Island after the map’s long-awaited comeback.

However, the main BR mode has been missing Ranked Play since Urzikstan launched alongside the first season of MW3, replacing Al Mazrah. Since then fans have been wondering when it will return to the map.

Now, with the Season 4 update live, the Warzone devs have confirmed that BR Ranked Play is planned for sometime in 2024 but an exact release window hasn’t been confirmed.

While our teams are targeting to release Ranked Play Battle Royale before the end of the year, we are not ready to commit to specific timing just yet,” they said in Season 4 patch notes. “We are using the months ahead to fine tune the design of our Ranked Play system to reflect and compliment changes since made to the core Battle Royale experience.”

“We understand that the timeline for the return of Ranked Play Battle Royale may be longer than many had hoped,” they continued. “However, we are incredibly excited for the months ahead while we work on bringing this beloved competitive experience back into players’ hands.”

Rebirth Island Warzone Prison POI
Ranked Play has been limited to Resurgence maps since Season 2.

Although the devs didn’t confirm a hard date for Warzone BR Ranked Play, it’s likely to arrive in one of the few remaining major updates during MW3’s lifecycle. This is because Black Ops 6 is due to arrive in Fall 2024 to kick off a new era of both multiplayer and Warzone.

Based on previous releases, Black Ops 6 Season 1 is likely to replace Urzikstan with another big map, which leaks have claimed will be the original Verdansk. With this in mind, we expect Ranked Play to arrive in Warzone Season 5 or Season 6, or one of their Reloaded updates.

However, this is all just speculation for now as nothing has been confirmed by the devs just yet. In the meantime, Warzone Ranked Play will be limited to Resurgence mode, so make sure you know the best loadouts to climb the Skill Divisions.