Warzone dev confirms Modern Warfare 3 Perks will be added to battle royale

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Operator

During an interview, Raven Software’s Senior Creative Director, Ted Timmins, confirmed the dev team will be adding Modern Warfare 3 Perks into Warzone’s battle royale mode.

Despite the final season of Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 being fully underway, the future of the free-to-play title with the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 3 is set to be an important shift from the current version.

The updated version of Warzone will bring a new map called Urzikstan with new points of interest, movement changes, multiple quality-of-life updates, and more. The game will feature a fresh experience developed by Raven Software while maintaining the core elements and “vibes.”

Modern Warfare 3 Perks will carry over to Warzone Urzikstan

On October 11, during an Xbox On interview, Ted Timmins, Raven Software‘s Senior Creative Director, confirmed that the next version of Warzone Urzikstan is set to carry over a number of Modern Warfare 3 Perks that will “fit Battle Royale.”

Additionally, Timmins explained how the dev team aims to bring new features to Warzone, but also ensure that they’re innovating, what he described as bringing a “new newness” to the game.

Further, he also shared that during the process of creating new Perks for Warzone, part of the design philosophy is that they should be divisive, otherwise “everyone runs the same Perk and it’s really boring.”

To do this, the team makes sure to “tailor them to different player types, player motivations” ensuring that players in the game can find “real diversity in the engagement.”

Although no details were shared about which specific Perks will be added from Modern Warfare 3 to Warzone, it’s expected that they’ll probably receive some changes to adapt to the needs of a mode like Battle Royale.

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