Modern Warfare 3: What is Experimental Playlist?

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The Experimental Playlist is a new concept debuting in Modern Warfare 3 thanks to Sledgehammer Games. Here’s everything you need to know about the MW3 Experimental Playlist.

Modern Warfare 3 arrived with plenty of new features like the Armory Unlock system, overhauled Perk system, and several movement changes. While players are still getting used to these new additions since MW3’s November 10 launch, it seems that more new features have arrived to spice things up.

On November 16, Sledgehammer Games revealed the addition of several new playlists. Players can now dive into a Mosh Pit playlist featuring four fan-favorite maps from MW2 2022, but that’s not all, as they also introduced the Experimental Playlist.

Here’s what the Experimental Playlist is in Modern Warfare 3.

MW3 Experimental Playlist explained

The Experimental Playlist in MW3 multiplayer highlights Operators in red outlines, providing players with an enhanced vision of the enemy.

The devs shed some light on what to expect from the new offering: “Within this Playlist, all Operators have a colored outline to distinguish them from the environment.”

For many players, the Modern Warfare 3 beta was plagued with visibility issues, as Operators blended into their surroundings. It seems this new addition is Sledgehammer Games’ response to those claims, as they offer a solution for players.

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“We’re excited to hear your feedback on this experiment! Give it a try and be on the lookout for an official survey in the days ahead.”

This is a brand-new concept for the Call of Duty franchise as the Experimental Playlist debuts in Modern Warfare 3. If you’re one of the players who will be pleased to see more of an emphasis on visibility, then give the Experimental Playlist a spin.

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