Modern Warfare 3 devs reveal plans to address “top concerns” for weekend two of beta

Max Candelarezi
MW3 player in Ground War using vehicle gun

Following the conclusion of Modern Warfare 3 beta weekend one, SHG have shared plans to address players’ “top concerns” announcing that the team is working on bringing several improvements for weekend two of the MW3 beta.

Weekend one of the Modern Warfare 3 beta has concluded, allowing PlayStation players to try the game out, including a roster of new weapons, the return of fan-favorite features, the classic minimap, massive movement changes, and a lot more.

Players have dived in and shared their thoughts on the game, offering SHG valuable feedback on what needs to be improved in Modern Warfare 3 to create the best experience possible.

Devs reveal Modern Warfare 3 beta weekend two tweaks & changes

Luckily for players, SHG have confirmed that the MW3 beta weekend one provided them with a lot of feedback which will serve as a guide to improve the gameplay for “Weekend Two and further.”

In their X post, the team communicated that they’ll share an update on some “top concerns they’ve observed,” which includes but is not limited to operator visibility, slide timing, and spawn selection.

During the first testing phase, Modern Warfare 3 players have been quite rigorous in sharing their feedback at SHG‘s request, and the devs’ communication has been met with positivity.

“It’s actually insane they’ve listened to us more in one week than the whole year of mw2” a player stated below CharlieIntel’s post sharing the news. “Listening to feedback and working towards it is such a dub,” added another player.

Although the MW3 beta has been well received overall, problems with operator visibility, slide delay, and spawn selection have been frequent criticisms from players on social media, who noted a slight improvement could significantly enhance the game’s quality.

Undoubtedly, this news will have players eagerly awaiting the next MW3 beta weekend starting on October 12, to see all the changes and improvements the team will bring.

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