How many maps in Black Ops 6? All confirmed maps so far

Nathan Warby
Black Ops 6 map set in an abandoned mine

Black Ops 6 will launch with a set of brand-new multiplayer maps of various sizes and designs, so here’s how many will be included at launch and everything we know about them.

Call of Duty players are being treated to a brand-new multiplayer experience in Black Ops 6, complete with overhauled movement and the return of the classic Prestige system. That also includes a fresh set of maps to learn, but how many will there be at launch?

Here’s everything you need to know about maps in Black Ops 6.

How many launch maps in Black Ops 6 multiplayer?

Black Ops 6 launches with 16 multiplayer maps, all of which are described as “brand new” in the official blog post. This is split between 12 core maps and four Strike maps, but it remains to be seen if they will be completely new or if any updated versions of old favorites are there on day one.

The core maps are traditional 6v6 battlegrounds, which the devs revealed will mostly feature the classic three-lane design. Some of these will be “fast, frenetic experiences,” while others will be medium-sized to support Hardcore and slower-paced matches.

Meanwhile, the remaining four are smaller Striker maps, which can be played in chaotic 6v6 or as a 2v2.

The roster of maps is set to increase drastically post-launch, with new arrivals in each major seasonal update, just like MW3.

Luxury house map with pool in Black Ops 6
Black Ops 6 features maps of all different sizes.

All confirmed maps in Black Ops 6 so far

The only confirmed map in Black Ops 6 so far is the iconic Nuketown, which first appeared back in the original BO game in 2010. Although it wasn’t mentioned explicitly during the official direct, eagle-eyed fans spotted it in a brief clip of the pre-game lobby, where a player was about to load into a Nuketown match.

Details on this iteration of Nuketown haven’t been revealed, but based on the devs saying the new title will feature 16 “brand new” maps in the BO6 blog, it could be a redesigned version or the original could arrive as a post-launch release. Based on the map’s signature small size, it could be one of the four Strike maps mentioned earlier.

There were plenty of other maps shown off during the reveal event, but none of these were given official names. This included maps that focused on an abandoned mine, an old railway, a shopping complex, a small market town, a broken array, and even a luxury house with an outdoor pool.

The devs revealed that many of the multiplayer maps will be locations that show in the single-player campaign and are set after the events of the story. So, players may have some extra content on how a map ended up in the state it’s in.

Those were all the maps we know about in Black Ops 6 so far. We’ll be sure to update this page with the official lineup once it’s released.

In the meantime, you can pre-order BO6 right now to secure early access to the Open Beta, or simply wait for the game to hit Game Pass.