All MW2 2022 maps in Modern Warfare 3: Dome, Shoot House, more

Joseph Pascoulis
MW2 Crown Raceway map

Modern Warfare 3 shares much in common with MW2 2022, with weapons and skins being carried over, but what about maps? Here are all the maps from MW2 that are featured in the sequel. 

MW3 features plenty of iconic maps for the original CoD titles and continues to introduce newer ones to the series. Some of the latest additions, like Meat, quickly became fan favorites, and for many, they’re now all-timers like Shipment. 

Outside of new introductions and classics, MW3 also features maps from more recent titles. Season 2 Reloaded added the Das Haus from Vanguard. Much from MW2 2022 was already carried over to the title, here are all the maps from MW2 that are available in MW3.

All MW2 2022 maps available in MW3 multiplayer

Here are all the maps from MW2 2022 that are available in MW3:

  • Farm 18
  • Mercado
  • Las Almas
  • Crown Raceway
  • Shoot House
  • Breenbergh Hotel
  • Dome
Shoot House map MW2 MW3
Shoot House was added along with several other maps shortly after the launch of MW3.

Bar the Dome, all the maps were launched initially as a part of a dedicated MWII Moshpit playlist. Dome was added with Season 2 Reloaded and all these maps are now in standard rotation and are not part of an exclusive playlist.

The MW2 maps have retained much of their original graphical appearance in MW3. However, due to the innovations and changes in movement and gameplay mechanics introduced by SHG, players may notice a substantial shift in the way these maps are experienced.

Fortunately, the inclusion of MW2 maps won’t come at the expense of the new and remastered maps scheduled to be introduced throughout Modern Warfare 3’s life cycle.

This means that players will have a wide array of diverse maps to explore in the multiplayer mode. It’s important to note, that the new MW3 game modes like Cutthroat won’t be available on MW2 2022 maps.

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