How to stop the train in Warzone Urzikstan

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Warzone players fighting on train

Warzone’s new Urizikstan map features a train that players can ride to safety or into battle, but how do you stop it? Here’s how to stop the train in Warzone Season 1.

The Warzone Season 1 update brought plenty of fresh content to the battle, but arguably the biggest addition was the Urzikstan map. This new battleground features a ton of different POIs and landing spots, some of which are based on classic CoD maps that fans will recognize.

There’s also a train that runs through the middle of the map, offering plenty of loot and an easy way of getting around. But sometimes, you might need to bring it to a halt to take an enemy team or stay in the safe zone.

So, here’s how to stop the train in Warzone Urzikstan.

Warzone Urzikstan: How to stop the train

The most common way of stopping the train in Warzone Urzikstan is by opening the control panel and pulling the green lever. This can be found in the driver’s carriage at the front of the train, next to the yellow switch that changes its direction.

Alternatively, you can head to the last carriage at the back of the train and activate the gray handbrake sticking out from the ground. This will also bring the train to a sudden stop no matter where it is.

Train in Warzone Urzikstan
Urikstan’s train is fully controllable.

While Warzone Urzikstan’s train is most useful as a quick way of getting around the map with plenty of cover, there are plenty of reasons why stopping it could play into your hands.

Since the vehicle will keep rolling around Urzikstan if left to its own devices, it sometimes strays into the gas, which can easily catch out teams who aren’t paying attention. By pulling the brakes, you can keep yourself in the safe zone while maintaining plenty of cover.

You might also want to hop off the train temporarily to loot up or push an enemy team, so parking it ensures it will still be there when you return.

On the other hand, it’s also ideal for teams attacking the train. By sneaking to the rear carriage and pulling the handbrake, you can quickly get the drop on a squad at the front or take the train out of play altogether by leaving it stranded in the gas.

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