How to open Bunkers in Warzone Urzikstan: All locations and rewards

Nathan Warby
Warzone Urzikstan map

Warzone’s Urzikstan features mysterious Bunkers scattered around the map and players can finally get inside them to claim valuable rewards. Here’s everything we know about the Bunkers in Warzone Urzikstan, including the location of each one and how to open them.

The early stages of a Warzone match are vital, as players need to choose the best landing spot to loot up and get their loadout quickly to give them access to the meta weapons. But since the mysterious Bunkers mysteriously opened up during Season 3 Reloaded, you now have more options than ever when it comes to tracking down high-tier items.

Here’s everything we know about the Warzone Urzikstan Bunkers, including the location of each one and how to open them.

How to open Bunkers in Warzone Urzikstan

Bunkers can be opened by completing any Contract in Warzone. Even simple Contracts like Intel Uploads reward you with a Bunker Keycard instantly and the closest available one will be marked on your map after you collect it.

After completing a Contract, simply head to any marked Bunker and use the Keycard to open the doors. At the time of writing, the only Bunker that cannot be opened is the one north of Old Town by the water, but the devs haven’t given a reason for this just yet.

All Bunker locations in Warzone Urzikstan

There are 12 Bunkers littered around Urzikstan in Warzone, and we’ve marked each location on the map below so you can easily find all of them as you drop in:

All Warzone Urzikstan Bunker locations marked on map
  1. Outskirts of Levin Resort
  2. Popov Power
  3. Orlove Military Base
  4. Seaport District
  5. Old Town
  6. Construction site between Old Town and Low Town
  7. By the water north of Old Town
  8. Hadiqa Farms
  9. Bottom left corner of the map, southwest of Zaravan City
  10. Zaravan Suburbs
  11. At the middle point between Low Town, Zaravan Suburbs, and Shahin Manor
  12. South of Shahin Manor

Warzone Bunker rewards

The reward for getting inside a Bunker in Warzone is a ton of rare loot. Each one contains plenty of Supply Boxes, often purple or gold, as well as useful items like Tempered carriers, Self Revives, cash, and much more.

Following the Season 4 update, Bunkers are also the only place to guarantee Tac-Sprint Boots, a brand-new item that grants unlimited Tactical Sprint.

With this in mind, completing a Contract and getting inside a Bunker is the ideal way to start a match, as you can quickly pick up essential loot and plenty of money to buy a loadout.

Warzone Urzikstan Bunkers explained

Warzone Urzikstan’s Bunkers are secret areas found all around the map but had remained mysteriously locked until Season 3 Reloaded. The exception is Bunker 5, which opened briefly during Season 2 but then quickly closed its doors again.

During this period, players who went inside found a number of test tubes containing zombies trapped in stasis, which can still be seen now they are open. This has sparked plenty of theories that the undead are set to invade Urzikstan, just like they have in MW3’s Zombies mode.

The devs have been tight-lipped about what these Bunkers are intended for, but players are finally going to get some answers. In the official blog prior to the Season 3 Reloaded update, they revealed that rewards would be found within but also teased that more was to come, although the mystery is still unsolved as of Season 4.

“Something is happening with the Bunkers on Urzikstan, too. Curious squads who explore these areas are apt to discover the rewards within,” said the devs. “That isn’t all that’s coming, either, though some [[REDACTED]] surprises are best left to our players to uncover.”

That was everything we know about the Bunkers in Warzone Urzikstan. We’ll be sure to update this page with more details once the story behind them is revealed.

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