Warzone players beg for changes to “useless” vehicles

Luca Di Marzo
Warzone vehicles Urzikstan

There are plenty of vehicles that Warzone players can utilize across Urzikstan, but most are claiming to be fed up with how “useless” they are.

Warzone Season 1 brought the new Urzikstan map to the battle royale and players have spent its debut season discovering every inch of its territory. As Warzone‘s latest big map, there’s certainly a ton of ground to cover.

Players can utilize the various vehicles found in Urzikstan to navigate the map faster, and even benefit them in battle. However, it seems that players are not pleased with the current state of vehicles in the battle royale, calling them out as “useless.”

The OP of the Reddit post below used the Chopper to question the current state of vehicles in Warzone compared to their functionality in the past: “There was a time where people would literally base their drop on where a chopper was lol.”

It seems Warzone players are not happy with how clunky each vehicle feels in Urzikstan, with one saying: “Vehicles still handle like bricks. The heli is useless, watching old videos of people looting the heli hurts me, so quick to take off and land. Now it’s 5 business days.”

While the Chopper seemed to be the main culprit, players also called out another fan-favorite for changing over the years, “I loved how powerful the bertha was. My only problem was having to avoid 3 of them in the last zone during solos.”

The majority of the comments seemed to agree that vehicles could use a few tweaks. However, one player cautioned others to be careful what they wish for: “People forget how awful those final circles were. Vehicles should just be a way to get around the map not a game breaking weapon. They’re in a good place right now imo.”

It remains to be seen if any vehicle changes will make their way to Warzone, so keep an eye out for the Season 1 Reloaded update.

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