How to check MW3 Combat Record: K/D ratio, weapon stats, time played, more

Joseph Pascoulis
modern warfare 3 operator standing in the middle of the highrise map

Modern Warfare 3 is finally here, and if you’re wondering how you can check your stats within the game, here’s everything you need to know about MW3’s Combat Record to access your K/D ratio, weapons stats, time played, and more.

Whether you’re comparing your stats with your friends or checking how you’re doing in the game, the MW3 Combat Record gives you the complete summary of your in-game stats. Call of Duty‘s multiplayer mode has always been extremely competitive, and Modern Warfare 3 is no different.

As players dig their teeth into the game, they’ll be trying their best to earn Killstreaks and a great K/D in each of their matches, and using the best weapons, Perks, and Equipment will surely help.

If you’ve been wanting to see how you have been performing in MW3, here’s how you can check your Combat Record to see stats like your K/D ratio, weapon stats, and more.

How to check your stats in MW3

In order to check your stats in MW3, you’ll need to access the Combat Record, which is located in the game’s Settings tab. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to access the Combat Record in Modern Warfare 3:

  1. Boot up the Modern Warfare 3 application.
  2. Enter the MW3 section from the CoD HQ.
  3. Press the Options or designated key to access the Settings menu.
  4. Go to the ‘Stats’ section.
  5. Once you enter, all your stats will be displayed.

The Combat Record section allows you to see all your in-game stats such as K/D, wins, overall score, and more in Modern Warfare 3. This feature provides players with the opportunity to enhance their skills by analyzing their in-game stats and tracking how these metrics develop throughout the game’s cycle.

MW3 players fighting on Highrise
The MW3 Combat Record will help you track any development you make in the game.

This feature, which has been present in earlier titles such as MW2 and Vanguard, continuously monitors and updates all in-game statistics following each match. It enables players to assess their performance, including metrics like K/D, at the conclusion of games in modes like Team Deathmatch.

Also, you can check both your multiplayer and Zombies stats, so you’re fully covered no matter the game mode you choose to play.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know on Modern Warfare 3’s Combat Record including how to check your stats, and more. For more on Modern Warfare 3, be sure to check out our other guides:

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