How to check Resurgence stats in Warzone: Ranked Play, public matches, more

Liam Mackay
Warzone Resurgence team in Fortune's Keep

Warzone Season 3 allows you to jump back into Rebirth Island in Resurgence mode, and if you’re looking to check your K/D and other stats, here’s how to check your public matches and Ranked Play Resurgence stats.

Warzone Season 3 is in full swing and introduced three new weapons for Call of Duty fans to enjoy. Most new weapons are quick to emerge as meta contenders, helping you dominate your lobbies.

If you’re looking to check your time played, or simply want to know your K/D ratio in Resurgence, there’s an in-game option that quickly lets you check your stats. So, here’s how to do so.

How to check Warzone Resurgence stats & K/D

Here’s how you can check your Warzone Resurgence stats in the game, including K/D, wins, and more.

  • Launch Call of Duty.
  • Click on the Launcher Menu.
  • Tap on the Stats option.
  • On this page, click on Resurgence, or whichever mode you want to check your stats for.

How to check Warzone Ranked Play Resurgence stats & K/D

To check your Warzone Ranked Play Resurgence stats, simply enter the game, open the settings menu, and head to the Stats section. Once you’re in, select the Ranked Play: Resurgence tab and you’ll be able to see your stats.

Keep in mind that to access the Ranked Play: Resurgence stats, you must play five matches within the mode or they will appear locked.

For all the modes, you can see the following stats:

  • Time Played
  • Games Played
  • K/D Ratio
  • Best Finish

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