Modern Warfare 3 players can’t use MW2 guns for Weekly Challenges at launch

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Juggernaut with shield

Modern Warfare 3’s launch has finally arrived and players are hopping into the game’s multiplayer and exploring all the content including Weekly Challenges. However, many noticed that they aren’t able to complete them when using MW2 guns.

Modern Warfare 3 has finally arrived and players are excited to try everything the game has to offer, from the complete MW2 2009 map roster, a fresh arsenal of weapons, and the return of beloved features, and movement mechanics, MW3 has plenty of content to dive into.

Further, the game also brings the first-ever Zombies mode to the MW saga, allowing players to enter an open-world PvE experience, including a huge camo grind, the inclusion of fan-favorite Field Upgrades, Perks, and much more.

Also, the game is set to bring a new Challenge system allowing players to unlock free rewards by playing the game daily and weekly. Among them, the Weekly Challenges can grant players an animated camo, but unfortunately, there’s a catch when trying to complete them.

MW3 Weekly Challenges require MW3 guns to complete

Players noticed that when attempting to complete the Weekly Challenges in MW3, MW3 weapons are required to contribute to the overall progress, implying MW2 guns won’t be useful if your goal is to complete all the available challenges.

However, it remains uncertain whether this will be altered, as, during the game’s launch, only MW3 weapons are designated as ‘Recommended,’ a prerequisite for completion.

Completing four Weekly Challenges will allow players to earn a new animated camo. So, if you’re looking to acquire this exclusive reward, be sure you’re using MW3 weapons so as not to waste time and achieve objectives efficiently.

In addition, you can take the opportunity to level them up and be prepared for the integration of Warzone with Modern Warfare 3 which will arrive later this year, including a new big map, big changes, and even more in-game content.

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