How to check your Warzone 2 Combat Record: Stats, K/D ratio & more

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Warzone 2 players can finally keep track of their stats after the Season 2 update. So, let’s go over how to check your Warzone 2 Combat Record, including your K/D ratio and playtime.

Warzone 2 Season 2 shook up the battle royale by introducing a new Resurgence map called Ashika Island and implementing several gameplay changes like the return to a 1v1 Gulag

It also finally added a stat tracker to the battle royale. Infinity Ward added the Combat Record for multiplayer in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1, and Warzone 2 got the same treatment in the Season 2 update.

Here’s how to check your Combat Record stats in Warzone 2 and see your current K/D ratio.

How to check your Combat Record in Warzone 2

Players can check their Combat Record by heading into the Stats tab from the Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 main menu.

From here, hovering over ‘Battle Royale’ will provide an overview of your Warzone 2 stats, including your K/D ratio, playtime, and best finish. Players can then click on the menu to see a more in-depth breakdown of their performance with individual weapons.

We’ve included a step-by-step guide on how to check your Warzone 2 stats below:

  1. Launch Warzone 2.
  2. Access the game’s main menu.
  3. Once you’re in the game, press the Options button on PlayStation, the Menu button on Xbox, or the applicable key on mouse and keyboard.
  4. From this menu, select the Stats tab.
  5. Scroll over to Battle Royale for an overview of your Combat Record.
  6. Click on the menu for a more detailed look at your Warzone 2 stats.
Warzone 2 Season 2 also added a series of map changes to Al Mazrah.

While many will be happy to finally see the Combat Record added to Warzone 2, it’s worth keeping in mind that it doesn’t include data from before Season 2. The devs have confirmed that all stats recorded from November 16 until February 15 are not counted.

They said: “The Warzone 2.0 Combat Record will only be from the activation date forward, and will not include statistics from Season 01.”

This will come as a sore point to those players who’ve racked up a ton of wins in Warzone 2 already, and those who boast impressive KDs too.

We should also note that players must play five games in Warzone 2 Season 2 or later before their Combat Record is unlocked. This is to ensure that you have enough games under your belt for the stats to be a fair representation of how you’re playing.

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Image Credits: Activision

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