Black Ops 6 loadout system: Perk Speciality, Wildcards, attachments, more

Max Candelarezi
Black Ops 6 Troy Marshall holding weapon

Further expanding the Gunsmith, Black Ops 6 will bring its own loadout system tweaks, reintroducing Black Ops’ Wildcards, Combat Specialties, and more.

The hype for Black Ops 6 is through the roof after its global reveal event during the Xbox Games Showcase, revealing a ton of details about the Campaign and multiplayer.

Treyarch shared several details about the customized loadout system that BO6 will feature. Here’s everything we know so far about BO6’s multiplayer loadout system.

BO6 loadouts: Weapons, attachments & Wildcards

Players will be able to equip a Primary, Secondary, and Melee weapon, and add up to five attachments on guns in Black Ops 6.

In addition, BO4’s Wildcards will return, allowing players to get additional benefits apart from the three base Perks in their loadouts. Players will be able to increase the number of attachments on a weapon to eight using a Wildcard.

Perk Speciality, Shooting Range & Scorestreaks in BO6

The BO6 loadout system will offer Perk Speciality, featuring the Enforcer, Recon, and Strategist categories. This system will enhance the effects of your chosen Perk category when equipping three Perks of the same category.

For example, equipping three Enforcer Perks brings the Enforcer Speciality, which provides health regeneration and increased speed with each kill.

BO6 will also bring back the traditional Scorestreak system, along with Equipment pieces, allowing players to complement their weapon choices.

Additionally, the fan-favorite Shooting Range feature will return. As seen in MW3, this feature allows players to test their customized loadouts before entering multiplayer matches, helping them fine-tune their attachment choices.

Wondering which locations you’ll battle on? Take a look at how many multiplayer maps you’ll be able to dive into in BO6, as well as the all-new omnidirectional movement, UI overhaul, and the long-awaited return of the classic Prestige system.

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