Black Ops 6 movement to receive major overhaul with omnidirectional feature

Max Candelarezi
Black Ops 6 operator Supine Prone

Movement is a fundamental aspect of Call of Duty gameplay and Black Ops 6 is set to introduce significant changes to this system, offering a wider range of movement options.

Each Call of Duty installment has featured its own unique movement system, incorporating mechanics like the slide cancel and Tactical Sprint. To deliver an authentic Black Ops experience and embody the elite black ops fantasy, Black Ops 6 introduces the omnidirectional movement feature, a first in the CoD franchise.

This new feature “completely redesigned from the ground up” enables players to “sprint, dive and slide in any direction as well as maintain full 360-degree range of motion from the new supine prone position across all modes.”

To achieve the perfect balance, BO6 will offer new settings to enhance player actions. These settings include options like making sprinting the default forward movement, auto-mantling over objects, and auto-crouching.

The game will also introduce mechanics such as corner sliding, where the weapon angle adjusts based on the player’s entry and exit locations from cover.

The new omnidirectional movement system also enables unprecedented movement chains in Call of Duty, offering greater freedom when approaching different situations. For instance, players can perform a perfect circle while prone, dive through a window backward, or dive backward while facing upwards.

These movements will be complemented by new animations, such as using the shoulder to push through a door or performing an animation when diving.

While adapting to the new omnidirectional movement feature may take time, it’s designed to provide the ultimate Black Ops experience, supported by a diverse array of weapons.

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