Warzone leak reveals classic inventory system to return for Black Ops 6 & players are divided

Max Candelarezi
Warzone Operator with backpack equipped

As with every new CoD release, Warzone undergoes different changes to its features to better adapt to the new game. According to leaks, this is set to continue with Treyarch’s Black Ops 6 rumored to mark the return of the classic inventory system.

In 2022, along with Warzone 2’s release, a backpack mechanic was added. This system changed throughout the game’s lifecycle until now, significantly altering the gameplay thanks to its extensive equipment transportation possibilities.

However, well-known leaker BobNetworkUK shared on a July 6 post that Warzone’s backpack system could be removed as Black Ops 6’s integration is set to bring back the game’s original inventory system. Also, they shared that the game is set to incorporate Wildcards into the loadout system.

This divided players with some welcoming the original system, and others not understanding why the current system needs a change.

“Is it just me who feels this or the current Backpack is really good and they shouldn’t fix what’s not broken?” a player shared below CharlieIntel’s post. Other players explained that the current system was a “breath of fresh air” and bringing the “old one would be a step back.”

Additionally, they stated it “makes for better plays” allowing to “stow things like a trophy/muni box/plate box [being] clutch.” Agreeing with the sentiment, some noted the only thing needed was “a cap limit on things like streaks and self revives.”

However, many simply celebrated the potential return to the classic inventory system. “DEUCES backpacks won’t be missing ya,” popular content creator FaZe Scope expressed. “No more Streak and self revive spam,” another user noted.

While there’s currently no official information regarding BO6 and Warzone’s integration, leaks are pointing towards several original features and content being brought back, with unlimited Tac Sprint also being teased to return.

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