BO6 to introduce highly requested UI overhaul

Luca Di Marzo
BO6 soldier with gas mask

Black Ops 6 will introduce a major change to UI that will alter the look of the game’s menus, which players have long been asking for.

Thanks to the Black Ops 6 reveal event on June 9, Call of Duty fans have a ton of news to dissect. 

On top of the new additions, Treyarch have also been peeling back the curtain on tweaks to existing features from recent Call of Duty titles. When it comes to UI and menu design, players have been vocal about the need for improvement throughout MW2 and MW3.

Black Ops 6 offers an opportunity to start fresh, and the devs have decided to do just that by introducing an overhaul to UI.

BO6’s streamlined UI is said to be more approachable, fast, and responsive than previous CoD titles. CharlieIntel confirms that the UI has a much more natural flow than in previous years.

The lobby UI has received a major change, which focuses on content. Players will be able to expand a menu that displays and tracks their challenges while in a lobby. The find a match section will be placed at the bottom left of your screen, while the tokens option takes up the bottom right.

Meanwhile, the quick join menu feature will return at the top right of your screen to invite friends who are already online. This eliminates the need to use a social menu.

That’s not the only returning feature appearing in Black Ops 6’s menu UI, as the winner’s circle is also returning, giving players a chance to emote in the circle after a match.

Black Ops 6 will also allow players to customize their HUD in-game. While we don’t have all the information about this feature yet, custom presets will allow players to move HUD widgets around as they please.

BO6 will bring the return of fan-favorite features like theater mode and the classic Prestige system, and new features like the omnidirectional movement.