All leaked Warzone changes with Black Ops 6

Nathan Warby
Black Ops 6 players using omni-movement coming to Warzone

When Black Ops 6 integrates with Warzone, it’s set to bring a ton of major changes to the battle royale. We know that omni-movement is coming to both games, but plenty of other features have leaked, giving us an idea of what the new era will look and play like.

As always, the release of the next multiplayer title means plenty of new weapons to rival the current meta guns. But this time, although reports have claimed there won’t be a new map, BR players can still expect plenty of tweaks to the core gameplay.

Here’s a breakdown of all the leaked changes coming to Warzone with Black Ops 6.

Unlimited Tactical Sprint

According to a leak from ‘BobNetworkUK,’ Warzone players will be able to use unlimited Tac Sprint after Black Ops 6 arrives. However, this will reportedly be unlocked through a Perk, rather than being standard across the entire game.

The original Verdnak era had infinite Tac Sprint as a core feature, but it was later removed when Warzone 2.0 was released alongside MW2 (2022). Ever since, players have been asking for the devs to improve mobility by removing the stamina limit.

There have been signs that the devs were open to this move after they trialed it in High Trip Resurgence and introduced Tac-Sprint Boots in Season 4.

Now, if this leak turns out to be true, they are taking another step toward making Warzone feel as fast and fluid as it did back in the day.

Classic inventory system

In another report from ‘BobNetworkUK,’ the leaker claimed that Warzone will be going back to its original loot system once BO6 content arrives.

Since the launch of Warzone 2, the game has used a Backpack system to help players store their items. This allowed them to keep their most useful equipment on them while offering extra storage to keep ammo and anything else that might prove useful as a match unfolds.

Many have called out this approach, arguing that it can be cumbersome to organize and takes them out of the experience by forcing them into menus. However, some prefer the Backpack system, since it lets them prepare for many different situations without being too limited.

Either way, it appears that the battle royale is reverting back to the way that Verdnask handled loot, where all players just had their main inventory and would be forced to drop something once they filled it up.

Wildcards added to loadouts

Black Ops 6 is set to bring back Wildcard to its loadouts in multiplayer, and leaks have hinted that they will also make their way over to Warzone too. First introduced back in Black Ops 2, these special additions can open up plenty of interesting possibilities when it comes to putting together a class.

For example, we’ve already got confirmation that Wildcards will allow you to equip eight attachments on a gun, up from the usual five. In the past, we’ve also seen options that let you pick more Perks from each category, or even increase the amount of Equipment available.

The full slate of Wildcards for BO6 hasn’t been revealed just yet, but many of them will likely make their way over to the battle royale. However, some might have to be tweaked or removed entirely if they don’t fit the last-team standing format.

On top of all the changes coming to Warzone, the devs have also confirmed that MW3 and MW2 content will carry forward even after the BO6 integration. So, you’ll still have access to all your old guns while you’re unlocking all the new Operators and

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