6 forgotten Black Ops guns that need to return in BO6

Joseph Pascoulis
marshall in black ops 6 promo image

Treyarch haven’t announced the full set of weapons arriving in Black Ops 6, but some guns such as the XM4 and PDW have been confirmed. Just like these, there are some classic guns from the series that I’d love to see return.

Black Ops 6’s announcement has reignited the Treyarch hype and I can’t wait to learn more about the upcoming CoD title. When it comes to new Call of Duty releases, the arsenal on offer is a massive part of the experience.

So, here are 6 Black Ops weapons that I want to see in BO6.

G11 – Black Ops 1

G11 Black Ops 1
The G11 featured a unique reload animation.

A personal favorite of mine, the G11 is a burst Assault Rifle with clean iron sights and a satisfying TTK that hasn’t been seen since the original Black Ops. Just the sound of the rapid-fire rate as three bullets leave the barrel gives me nostalgia, so I hope it returns in BO6.

MTAR – Black Ops 2

MTAR Black Ops 2

The MTAR is an iconic Assault Rifle from Black Ops 2 that was extremely versatile, capable of dominating close, mid, and long ranges on all the multiplayer maps. It was the first AR to be unlocked in the game, so many veterans will be familiar with it, making BO6 a great chance for it to return.

MSMC – Black Ops 2 & 3

MSMC Black Ops 2
A compact SMG, the MSMC was surprisingly great over distance.

The MSMC has only been seen in Black Ops 2 and 3, but I’d love for it to make a return in BO6. It’s a satisfying gun that’s a bit of a hybrid between an SMG and an AR, with great recoil control and damage range.

With the gun being from more futuristic titles, it might be a little too modern for it to arrive in the launch arsenal, so I’ll have my fingers crossed that it arrives in a seasonal update.

MPL – Black Ops 1

MPL Black Ops 1

The MPL is another SMG I want to see brought back to life in Black Ops 6, as it was last seen in Black Ops 1. It has a light feel but the fire rate makes up for the lack of damage. The MPL dominated small Black Ops maps, and with an extended mag, it was a real problem to deal with.

LSAT – Black Ops 2

LSAT Black Ops 2
BO1’s LSAT has a huge magazine allowing you to take out several enemies with only one magazine.

When it comes to LMGs, the LSAT embodies what you’d expect – a large magazine, fast fire rate, and one hell of a long reload.

Despite the reload time, this weapon was a blast back in Black Ops 2, as it dealt some serious damage, taking players out extremely quickly. Pair this with the 100 round mag and Nuketown and you were laughing.

PSG1 – Black Ops 1

PSG 1 Black Ops 1
The PSG1 is a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle.

Lastly, I had to pick a Sniper we haven’t seen in a long time, and it’s one that many will have completely forgotten about, the PSG1.

This weapon could only be unlocked after purchasing the WA200 and L96A1 in Black Ops 1, so some may never have unlocked it. As a semi-automatic Sniper, the PSG1 was great for quick scoping, and so long as you hit the upper chest, it was a consistent one-shot kill.

It’s another weapon that hasn’t been reintroduced since its arrival in Black Ops 1, so perhaps the devs will give it a refresh in Black Ops 6.

If Treyarch are planning on bringing classic weapons back to Black Ops 6, there’s a chance they will follow the recent format of dropping them through seasonal updates. Or, perhaps we’ll see one or two of these announced at Call of Duty Next.