All Equipment in Black Ops 6 revealed so far

Max Candelarezi
Black Ops 6 Operator holding Shotgun

Like every Call of Duty, Black Ops 6 features an arsenal of useful Equipment to take down enemies, including some returning fan favorites and new options for players to use. Here’s all of the BO6 Equipment revealed so far.

Call of Duty players have been given a ton of information about Black Ops 6 thanks to the Direct event at the Xbox Games Showcase, including the loadout system, offering players weapons, Perks, Wildcards, and Equipment to kill enemies across any mode.

Equipment has been a key component within the Call of Duty’s Campaign, multiplayer, and Zombies modes, and that carries to BO6. So, here’s every Equipment piece in BO6 revealed so far, including a brief explanation of their effects.

BO6: All Equipment revealed so far

According to June 9’s blog post, most of these will be featured in the BO6 as campaign-specific Equipment.

However, it remains unknown how many of them will be included in multiplayer, and whether they’ll be categorized as Killstreaks or Equipment. We’ll be sure to update this piece if new Equipment or details are revealed.


  • Calls a “miniature four-wheeler” capable of exploding
Black Ops 6 RC-XD
The RC-XD is considered an OG Equipment piece within the Black Ops saga.

Tranquilizer Trap

  • Chokes an enemy when they step near it
Black Ops 6 Tranquilizer Trap
The Tranquilizer Trap is similar to the combination of the Bouncy Betty and the Gas grenade.

Adrenaline Stim

  • Grants a health spike increase and movement boost when activated
Black Ops 6 Adrenaline Stim
The Adrenaline Stim works similarly to previous CoD titles, grating a health and movement boost.

Homing Knife

  • Throwing knife with explosive capabilities
Black Ops 6 Homing Knife
The Homing Knife is an explosive version of the fan-favorite Throwing Knife from previous BO entries.


  • Paralyze enemies with an electrical discharge
Black Ops 6 Disruptor weapon
The Disruptor is based on the Electric discharge.

Sticky Grenade*

  • A lethal grenade that sticks to the opponent and explodes
Black Ops 6 semtex sticky grenade
The Sticky Grenade is a DIY Semtex.

Frag Grenade*

  • Produces lethal damage within a radius upon detonation

(*) The Sticky and Frag Grenades haven’t been confirmed within the blog, but they were shown during BO6’s reveal trailer.

All in all, that’s every Black Ops 6 Equipment piece revealed so far. Meanwhile, be sure to check out BO6’s major movement overhaul featuring the omnidirectional mechanic and the long-awaited UI menus overhaul.