Every Black Ops 6 weapon revealed so far

Max Candelarezi
Black Ops 6 Sniper Rifle weapon

Like each Call of Duty title, Black Ops 6 will have its own list of weapons, including different categories to cover all distances. Here’s every BO6 gun revealed so far.

Call of Duty players had their first look at Black Ops 6 thanks to the deep dive Direct event during the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9. This included the loadout system reveal, featuring the return of BO’s Wildcards along with the classic attachments.

However, for this system to function effectively, guns are essential, so here are all the weapons confirmed in BO6 so far.

BO6: All weapons revealed so far

Black Ops 6 Troy Marshall holding weapon
Black Ops 6 will host an “incredible lineup of weapons.”

Although the entire arsenal of guns in Black Ops 6 is yet to be disclosed, CharlieIntel was invited to Tryearch’s studios to have an exclusive presentation, including a look at two BO6 Campaign missions that reveal various individual weapons that players will be able to use and customize in the game.

Check out a list of every BO6 weapon revealed so far:

  • AMES 85 (Assault Rifle)
  • Jackal PDW (SMG)
  • XM4 (Assault Rifle)
  • Marine SP (Shotgun)
  • Kompact 92 (SMG)
  • 9MM PM (Handgun)
  • LR 7.62 (Sniper Rifle)
  • Combat Knife (Melee)

We’ll be sure to update the list once new guns are revealed. As stated by the June 9 blog post, BO6 is set to deliver an “incredible lineup of weapons.”

This includes some familiar ones with a “real emphasis on the gritty world of clandestine operations in the 1990s,” along with 12 brand-new weapons for the CoD franchise.

The dev team adopted a “tool for every job” strategy, and given that the BO characters using this arsenal often work outside conventional methods and acquire equipment through any means possible, the weapons embraced this approach. Consequently, the collection became a mix of military-grade weapons and more improvised armaments.

Additionally, the devs also confirmed that weapons from MW3 will not be transferred to Black Ops 6, meaning that Treyarch’s game will only feature its own arsenal for use in multiplayer. In Warzone, however, players will have complete access to all three gun rosters, greatly increasing their options.