Classic Prestige system finally returns in Black Ops 6 multiplayer

Nathan Warby
Black Ops 6 character riding motorbike

Black Ops 6 is bringing back plenty of features that fans have been desperate for, and that includes the long-awaited return of the classic Prestige system for the first time since MW 2019. 

Call of Duty players got their first look at Black Ops 6 following the Xbox Showcase, where Treyarch answered many of the burning questions that players had. While the campaign caught plenty of attention, it’s multiplayer that most fans were eager to hear about. 

One of the biggest announcements coming out of the event is that the classic Prestige system will be returning, replacing the Seasonal Prestiges that have been in place since Modern Warfare (2019). 

Just like in old-school CoD titles, you will have the option to reset yourself back down to level 1 once you reach the maximum level. This will lock all of the guns and Equipment that you’ve earned, but you’ll be handed rewards and a new Prestige level to show off your dedication. 

Treyarch have confirmed that there will be 55 Miltary Ranks before the Prestige option unlocks and you can go back to the beginning. This can be done all the way up to 10th Prestige.

Once you’ve Prestiged 10 times, an additional 1,000 levels unlock and come with another set of unique rewards. So, there will be plenty to keep you occupied throughout the year. 

In the releases since MW 2019, including MW3 and MW2, multiplayer has used a Seasonal Prestige system. This doesn’t reset a player’s Rank once they reach the max level, but instead gradually increases the level cap with each new season. 

While some fans have welcomed the feature, as it means you can keep using meta weapons once you’ve unlocked them, others argued it takes the importance away from your overall Rank, with some completely ignoring their progress. 

If you’re in the latter camp, you’ll be pleased to hear that Black Ops 6 is taking the series back to its roots in this regard, by bringing back the traditional Prestige system that fans know and love. 

This isn’t the only returning feature in Black Ops 6 either, as the devs confirmed that Theater Mode is making a comeback, along with classic round-based Zombies