How to play Black Ops 6 beta – Dates, early access & codes

Nathan Warby
Black Ops 6 Adler shooting Pistol

With Black Ops 6 launching on October 25, CoD fans can try out the multiplayer ahead of time through the beta. There’s much to discover with this year’s multiplayer, with the trial period allowing you to test the new maps and movement ahead of launch.

Here’s how to play Black Ops 6’s Open Beta, including how you can get early access and free codes.

When is Black Ops 6 Open Beta?

The Black Ops 6 Open Beta begins on September 6 and ends on September 9 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST. Those with Early Access will be able to play from August 30 to September 4 at the same time.

The dates were revealed on Episode One of the official Call of Duty Podcast.

Unlike previous years, the BO6 beta will arrive on all platforms on the same day, rather than PlayStation owners getting early access privileges. Instead, it will go live on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on the same date.

How to play Black Ops 6 Open Beta

The Black Ops 6 Open Beta is completely free on all platforms, so you’ll need to do is download it from the store on your platform of choice. This means that there’s no need to pre-order Black Ops 6 to gain beta access, you’ll be able to hop in and play before deciding to commit to the final game.

How to play Black Ops 6 beta early

You can get early access to Black Ops 6’s beta by pre-ordering any version of the game or by being an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. Those who meet these requirements will be able to play the beta between August 30 and September 4, before the Open Beta period kicks off on September 6.

As for Game Pass, the CoD Blog states Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscribers get early access without any additional requirement. In the case of Game Pass Console, a subscription to Game Pass Core “may also be required” to play.

Those who pre-order will be sent a code to let them download the beta before it goes live on official storefronts. This will let you experience BO6 before the rest of the world and try out all of the new additions.

That being said, as mentioned above, even if you don’t want to pre-order the game, you can still play the Open Beta for free shortly after.

How to get free Black Ops 6 beta code

If you’re looking to play Black Ops 6’s beta early access without purchasing the game, you can get the chance to win one of the 50,000 beta codes by watching 60 minutes of the CDL Champs on Sunday, July 21, at the CoD League’s official YouTube channel.

To do this, ensure you link your YouTube and Activision accounts. Remember, completing the requirement won’t guarantee a beta code, as delivery will be random like in previous years.

If you receive one of the 50,000 available codes, you’ll get a notification. Then, an email with the beta code will be sent to you as the launch date approaches.

Black Ops 6 launches on Xbox Game Pass on day one as well as last-gen consoles, so make sure you’re up to scratch on the rest of the BO series in the meantime.