Best Shotguns in Modern Warfare 3: Ranked list

Shadow Company Operator with ShotgunActivision

To cover short distances with precision in Call of Duty, Shotguns stand out as the optimal choice, and this holds true in Modern Warfare 3 as well. In order to help you choose the best Shotgun in MW3, we ranked each one from worst to best.

Much like other Call of Duty titles, Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer is full of Assault Rifles, SMGs, and Snipers which are the most favored category due to their effectiveness and ease of use. However, Shotguns offer a distinct advantage in close-quarters combat, proving exceptionally deadly in such cases.

Luckily, for players aiming to excel in close-range encounters, MW3 provides a range of powerful Shotgun options. So, here’s a complete ranked list of every Shotgun available in MW3.

Best Modern Warfare 3 Shotguns ranked list

At launch, Modern Warfare 3 has three Shotgun options for players to choose from. So, we ranked each one from the best to the worst below.

  1. Lockwood 680
  2. Riveter
  3. Haymaker

Best Modern Warfare 3 Shotguns

3. Haymaker

MW3 Haymaker ShotgunActivision

Veteran CoD players will easily identify the Haymaker‘s operation, as it closely resembles the Origin 12 Shotgun from Modern Warfare 2019. Featuring a sizable magazine and an impressive rate of fire, this weapon allows players to eliminate enemies.

However, it doesn’t rank higher on the list primarily because of its low damage output, which forces players to connect multiple shots to successfully kill enemies, affecting its overall effectiveness.

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2. Riveter

Riveter Shotgun MW3Activision

Resembling an Assault Rifle in appearance, the Riveter comes across as an upgraded version of the Haymaker. Bragging an impressive combination of rapid rate of fire, significant damage output, and an extensive magazine, this Shotgun allows players to swiftly kill enemies.

Further, its ease of use makes it accessible to any player, showing forgiveness at medium distances and delivering devastating results in close-quarters combat, especially on maps such as Rust or Skidrow.

1. Lockwood 680

lockwood 680 in modern warfare 3Activision

The Lockwood 680 might trigger memories of the frustrating Shotgun Warzone meta given its name, and not so far, it also stands out as the best Shotgun in Modern Warfare 3. Despite its fair magazine size and rate of fire, the weapon excels when equipped with the right attachments.

For those seeking to dominate enemies, the Lockwood 680 is precise and easy to use, boasting a powerful damage profile. Similar to its counterparts, it proves to be an outstanding option for short-range fights.

There you have it, those were all the Modern Warfare 3 Shotguns available, including a ranked list.

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