Best Shotguns in Warzone 2: Season 4 Reloaded ranked list

bryson 800 in warzone 2 firing rangeActivision

The best Shotguns in Warzone 2 will help you eviscerate your opponents if you can manage to close the distance between you and your target. Here’s every Shotgun in Warzone 2 Season 4 Reloaded ranked to help make your choice easier.

Warzone 2 Season 4 Reloaded delivered some new buffs and nerfs giving players different guns to pick from, including the brand-new MX Guardian Shotgun. While some weapons are still maintaining their position, the new close-range meta is being dominated by Shotguns.

It’s best to be prepared for all scenarios and Shotguns will forever remain a solid option when it comes to close-quarters combat. If you haven’t dabbled with any of the Warzone 2 Shotguns yet, we’ve put together a ranked list that could make your selection process a simple one.

Best Warzone 2 Shotguns ranked list

Before we break down every Modern Warfare 2 Shotgun, we’ve ranked every Shotgun from best to worst in Season 4 Reloaded:

  1. MX Guardian
  2. KV Broadside
  3. Bryson 800
  4. Expedite 12
  5. Lockwood 300
  6. Bryson 890

Best Warzone 2 Shotguns

6. Bryson 890

Bryson 890 Warzone 2Activision

The Bryson 890 is by no means terrible, but it’s certainly the worst of the six Shotguns in Warzone 2. Up close, the Bryson 890 will feel like a powerful Shotgun, but it lacks the damage range that the other three Shotguns have.

The Bryson 890’s biggest assets are its wide hip-fire spread and mobility. With these two tools, you can still make the weapon viable in tight spaces.

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5. Lockwood 300

Lockwood 300 in Warzone 2Activision

There’s no denying the Lockwood 300‘s destructive power, but the weapon can only hold 2 rounds, which makes it difficult to take on more than one player at a time in Warzone 2.

It can easily rip through armor and secure kills up close with a lightning-quick ADS speed and top-tier mobility, but still lacks the damage and powerful attachments other competitors in the category have.

4. Expedite 12

Expedite 12 in Warzone 2Activision

As with the other shotguns not in the top two, the Expedite 12 is still a viable option to include in Warzone 2 loadouts, as it gets the job done.

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With the notorious Dragon’s Breath Ammunition, the Expedite 12’s damage gets a great buff and becomes one of the easiest Shotguns to control in Warzone 2 thanks to its excellent accuracy and recoil control stats.

3. Bryson 800

bryson 800 in warzone 2Activision

The Bryson 800 is a solid option in Warzone 2. Contrary to the Lockwood 300, the Bryson 800 is more of a hip-fire Shotgun weapon. It will allow you to clear buildings with ease and straight-up dominates in close quarters.

With the ideal attachments, the Bryson 800 Shotgun is really efficient in Warzone 2 when it comes to securing kills. It’s reminiscent of the Gallo SA12 from the original Warzone and its destructive power should not be taken lightly.

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2. KV Broadside

KV Broadside Warzone 2 loadoutActivision

There is not a huge difference that places KV Broadside in second place, because due to its power, it could easily share the first spot.

This Shotgun literally melts enemies when equipped with the well-known Dragon’s Breath ammunition. It has great damage and very low recoil which makes it easy to use especially at close-range, plus it has great mobility to run across any Resurgence map.

1. MX Guardian – Best Shotgun in Warzone 2

warzone 2 mx guardian shotgunActivision

If you encountered it during a match, you’ll know that the MX Guardian Shotgun is an absolute beast and has completely dominated the Warzone 2 meta in Season 4 Reloaded.

This Shotgun has excellent damage, low recoil, and a high rate of fire that allows any player in Warzone 2 to use it and to easily take out enemies. Equipping it with Dragon’s Breath ammunition makes it even more powerful, as it can take down enemies with just 2 shots, making it the ultimate choice for close-range encounters.

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