Warzone & MW3 Season 4 Battle Pass: Price, weapons, Operators, more

Max Candelarezi
MW3 Warzone Season 4 Battle Pass key art

Activision revealed the MW3 and Warzone’s Season 4 Battle Pass content. Here’s all you need to know about the Season 4 Battle Pass for MW3 and Warzone, including the price, weapons, Operators, and more.

Every new MW3 and Warzone season brings a fresh Battle Pass filled with cosmetic content to collect, and Season 4 isn’t an exception.

Here’s all the content that the Season 4 Battle Pass includes for MW3 and Warzone.

Warzone & MW3 Season 4 Battle Pass price

MW3 and Warzone players will be able to unlock the Season 4 Battle Pass for 1,100 CoD Points, as of May 29, 2024.

Additionally, players can purchase the BlackCell Battle Pass priced at $29.99 / £25.99, which features 1,100 CoD Points and other exclusive rewards.

MW3 & Warzone Season 4 Battle Pass weapons

MW3 Warzone Kar98k
The Kar98k Rifle returns after being last seen in CoD Vanguard and Warzone Pacific.

Players will be able to unlock two weapons for free within MW3 and Warzone’s Season 4 Battle Pass, including the iconic Kar98k Rifle and the Superi 46 SMG.

  • Kar98k Marksman Rifle: Sector 5
  • Superi 46 SMG: Sector 6

New Operators in Warzone & MW3 Season 4 Battle Pass

MW3 and Warzone’s Season 4 Battle Pass introduces two new Operators called Hammer and Void. Hammer will become available right away upon purchasing the Battle Pass, while Void will be aviabale at Sector 16.

Hammer and Void Operators Season 4 MW3 Warzone
Hammer and Void are joined by beloved Task Force 141 member Johnny Soap MacTavish.

Warzone & MW3 Season 4 Battle Pass skins & blueprints

The Warzone and MW3 Season 4 Battle Pass will bring a lot of skins and blueprints to be unlocked. Here are all the Operator skins and weapon blueprints coming with the Season 4 Battle Pass:

Season 4 Operator skins

  • “Hazardous Materials” Skins – Hush, Sector 3
  • “Filth” Skins – Ripper, Sector 4
  • “Chemtrail” Skins – Jet, Sector 8
  • “Detritus” Skins – Pathfinder, Sector 10
  • “Iron Lung” Skins – Nolan, Sector 13
  • “Void” Skins – Void, Sector 16
  • “Personal Growth” Skins – Alpine, Sector 18
  • “Gilded Virus” Skins – Soap, Completion Sector (Tier 100)

Season 4 weapon Blueprints

Season 4’s Battle Pass introduces a ton of weapon Blueprints that come in “three main themes, scientific, high-tech, and the hazardous.”

MW3 Warzone Season 4 Kar98k weapon skins
The Battle Pass offers multiple weapon skins to unlock.

Here are all the weapon Blueprints in MW3 and Warzone’s Season 4 Battle Pass, as shared by the Call of Duty blog:

BMRI Models

  • Sector 1: “Brutal Matters” BAL-27 Assault Rifle*
  • Sector 3: “Cork and Screw” COR-45 Handgun
  • Sector 10: “Isotope Breakdown” Marksman Rifle
  • Sector 12: “Bio Triage” MTZ-556 Assault Rifle*

Xeno Corp Hex

  • Instant Sector: “Hexocore” BP50 Assault Rifle
  • Sector 2: “Tri-Hex” Gladiator Melee
  • Sector 8: “Hexed Cruelty” Renetti Handgun
  • Sector 13: “Structural Morality” Longbow Sniper Rifle
  • Sector 17: “Nanometer” FJX Horus SMG*
  • Sector 19: “Betalock” Rival-9 SMG
  • Sector 20: “Cognizant Rebel” Superi 46*

Wood and Yellow

  • Sector 4: “Microbial Vandal” Riveter Shotgun
  • Sector 9: “Leeched Poison” MORS Sniper Rifle
  • Sector 11: “Cellular Collapse” TAQ Eradicator LMG and “Poisoned Caress” AMR9 SMG*
  • Sector 14: “Cell Eater” Bruen MK9 LMG
  • Sector 15: “Chem Threat” Kar98K Marksman Rifle*
  • Sector 16: “Fungal Pattern” Sidewinder Battle Rifle
  • Sector 18: “Genetic Abnormality” MTZ-762 Battle Rifle
  • Completion Sector: “All in Vein” DG-56 Assault Rifle

Note: Weapon blueprints marked with an asterisk [*] have a BlackCell Blueprint alternative skin featuring black and gold designs.

Warzone & MW3 Season 4 BlackCell content

MW3 Warzone Season 4 BlackCell Battle Pass Operators
The BlackCell Battle Pass features a ton of gold-themed rewards.

Check out everything the MW3 and Warzone BlackCell Battle Pass brings in Season 4 in our guide, featuring the new Operators Dupe and Copy.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know about MW3 and Warzone’s Season 4 Battle Pass. Be sure to check your game settings including audio and how to level up the Battle Pass fast to be ready to grab as many rewards as possible once the new season drops on May 29.

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