Best KV Broadside loadout for Modern Warfare 2 Season 2

KV Broadside Shotgun with Modern Warfare 2

The KV Broadside is a brand-new Shotgun in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, and it’s set to become a strong contender in the close-range meta. Here’s the best KV Broadside loadout in Modern Warfare 2, along with the perfect Perks and Equipment.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 is finally here, bringing Ranked Play for competitive players and a huge slate of buffs and nerfs to the game’s weapons. It’s also introducing five brand-new guns, three of which can be unlocked at launch.

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Among these weapons is the KV Broadside, a devastating close-range Shotgun and the newest member of the Kastov weapon Platform.

If you’re looking for the best setup for this new Shotgun, here’s our best KV Broadside loadout for Modern Warfare 2 Season 2.

Best Modern Warfare 2 KV Broadside loadout attachments

  • Barrel: Gunner D20
  • Muzzle: Bryson Improvised Choke
  • Bolt: Dashbolt 60
  • Stock: VLK Stockless
  • Magazine: 25 Shell Drum

We start the best KV Broadside loadout in Modern Warfare 2 with the Bryson Improvised Choke muzzle and Gunner D20 barrel, which grant huge bonuses to the Shotgun’s range while tightening up the pellet spread to make it more accurate.

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Next up is this Dashbolt 60, which buffs the Broadside’s already impressive semi-auto fire rate to allow players to land multiple shots in quick succession. We paired this with the VLK Stockless to improve your movement speed, allowing you to quickly push the enemy team and get into the optimal range.

Finally, we’ve gone for the 25 Shell Drum, ensuring you have more than enough ammo to deal with an entire team before having to reload.

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Warzone 2 player reloading KV Broadside ShotgunThe KV Broadside’s semi-auto fire rate makes it a unique Shotgun in Modern Warfare 2.

Best Modern Warfare 2 KV Broadside Perks & Equipment

  • Perk 1: Overkill
  • Perk 2: Battle Hardened
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Ghost
  • Tactical: Drill Charge
  • Lethal: Flash Grenade

When it comes to Perks for the best KV Broadside loadout, we recommend starting with Overkill. This will allow you to bring along an Assault Rifle or LMG to cover you in mid or long-range fights, such as the TAQ-56 or RAAL MG.

Then, Battle Hardened will make it easier to shrug off Flash Grandes that would normally stop you in your tracks, while Fast Hands lets you swap between your two primary weapons with ease.

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In the Ultimate Perk spot, we’ve gone for Ghost, which keeps you hidden from enemy UAVs to allow you to sneak up on unsuspecting players.

Lastly, in the Equipment slots, we advise the Drill Charge to flush out enemies hiding behind cover, paired with a Flash Grenade to disorientate entire rooms before you move in for the kill.

How to unlock the KV Broadside in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 players can unlock the KV Broadside Shotgun by completing Sector B4 of the Season 2 Battle Pass.

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The good news is, this is one of the free rewards from the Battle Pass, so there’s no need to spend any money if you don’t want to.

You can get the KV Broadside through the Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Battle Pass.

Best KV Broadside alternatives in Modern Warfare 2

If you’re looking for another powerful Shotgun in Modern Warfare 2, the Lockwood 300 is a solid option if you don’t mind being limited by the double barrel.

On the other hand, the PDSW 528, better known as the P90, is a close-range beast thanks to its ridiculous fire rate.

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