Warzone’s notorious one-shot Doom Shotgun is back but there’s a catch

Nathan Warby
Doom Super Shotgun in Warzone

The infamous Doom Super Shotgun is one of the most notorious metas in Warzone history and the Season 3 Reloaded has accidentally brought it back, albeit with a catch.

When the Doom crossover bundle first arrived in Warzone during the Al Mazrah era, the Super Shotgun Blueprint for the Lockwood 300 completely took over the game. It was able to one-shot enemies from a ridiculous range, instantly sending players to the Gulag.

Now, after returning briefly during Season 1, the Doom Shotgun is back again following the Season 3 Reloaded update.

Since the mid-season patch went live, the previously disabled Maelstrom Dual Trigger, which lets the Shotgun fire both its slugs at the same time, is back in the game at full strength. However, this is only the case on Loaded Resurgence and you’ll have to use a different Blueprint.

This new mode lets players drop in with their loadouts already equipped, removing that early scramble to get your own guns. The attachment is supposed to be disabled in Warzone matches, but Season 3 Reloaded’s new playlist lets players use it.

Players will be relieved to hear that Maelstrom Dual Trigger is still unavailable in other modes. CoD YouTuber ‘Shady‘ tried out the Doom Shotgun trick on regular Resurgence matches and found that it didn’t work.

The other caveat is that the Maelstrom Dual Trigger can only be used if you equip a different Blueprint that features the attachment, such as Steely Gaze. If you run the Super Shotgun Blueprint or equip it manually in the Gunsmith, the Lockwood won’t have the attachment on when you get your loadout and it won’t be able to one-shot from the same insane ranges.

This is clearly an unintended bug that rolled out in Season 3 Reloaded, so don’t be surprised to see the devs release a fix very soon. But, for now, be aware when pushing enemies on Loaded Resurgence that they could be wielding one of the best and most deadly guns in the game.