Warzone 2 player gifted “free win” after being trapped in the Gulag

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 season 3 blacksite gulag

A Warzone 2 glitch that trapped a player in the Season 3 Gulag gives them a free win, despite not even being on the map.

The Warzone 2 Season 3 update brought many changes to the game, from movement updates to the return of one-shot Snipers.

Like any new update that brings a load of changes and content, the community has spotted a few bugs and glitches interfering with gameplay, such as the recent Massive Resurgence bug that saw games ending before they even began.

The devs were quick to resolve this glitch, removing the mode for a short period of time before bringing it back with a fix. Now, a player has highlighted a glitch that is unfairly gifting players with free wins in the battle royale.

Reddit user ColtsNetsSharks shared a video of this glitch in action, which gives the player a victory royale after being “in the Gulag for 15 mins.” In the clip, the player can be seen running around the Gulag with no opponent, and then suddenly, the Warzone 2 victory screen comes up.

The Gulag is supposed to give players a second chance to get back into the map and claim victory, and usually, if there’s no opponent to fight, the player would be sent back into the map rather than remain in the Gulag.

The community in the comments are baffled by the glitch, but some comments shine a light on how confused the last player on the map must have felt, as they are left looking around for the final enemy before “ultimately dying in the gas.”

One comment even claims that the last player may have even felt that they lost to a “cheater,” but in reality, it’s just a bug that gifted the player a “free win.”

One comment claims that they have “seen this once or twice before in WZ 1,” so perhaps it’s yet another bug that’s returned from the original.

The devs have been pretty quick to respond to bugs and bring fixes, with the April 19 update addressing a few, so perhaps we’ll see something for this soon, or maybe in the Season 3 Reloaded update.

Image Credits: Activision

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