All Warzone Gulag Public Events explained: Go Again, Cash Grab, Locked & Loaded

Nathan Warby
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Warzone has finally moved to the Urzikstan map as part of the Season 1 update, and the devs have added an extra layer to the Gulag with new Public Events. Here’s a breakdown of every new public recent in Warzone Season 1 and what it means.

Warzone Season 1 is here and the battle royale has finally made its move over to the new Urzikstan map. Following the update, matches look and feel different from how players will remember, thanks to the movement overhaul and the addition of MW3 weapons.

A new map also means a refreshed Gulag, giving players a new arena to fight for survival in. These 1v1 encounters have been shaken up even further in Warzone Season 1, as new Gulag Public Events have been introduced.

Here’s every new Gulag Public Event in Warzone Season 1 and how it affects the match.

What are Warzone Gulag Public Events?

Warzone Gulag Public Events are random modifiers that drastically alter how the 1v1 battles play out. While the objective of taking out the enemy before they eliminate you remains the same, these modifiers change the way players approach the fight.

Just like regular Public Events, these Gulag Public Events occur at random, so there’s no way to predict what kind of battle you’ll have to survive. Players will be told if a Public Event is active by a notification on their screen, otherwise, the contest is a regular fight.

Gulag Warzone
The Urzikstan map brings a new Gulag for players to learn.

All Warzone Gulag Public Events explained

There are three different Gulag Public Events that could take place in Warzone Season 1, all of which shake up the formula in interesting ways. Here’s a breakdown of each one and how it affects the match:

  • Go Again: Players who lose in the Gulag will immediately be given a second chance. If they lose the next 1v1, they are eliminated as normal.
  • Cash Grab: Warzone players can find more cash scattered around the Gulag than normal, as well as a large pile in the center of the map. This will give them extra funds for buying weapons and Killstreaks when they return to the match.
  • Locked & Loaded: Instead of the base weapons usually found in the Gulag, both players start with two random upgraded guns and armor plates, adding an extra dimension to the fight.

Those were all the Gulag Public Events added in Warzone Season 1. We expect the devs to add even more with each passing season, so be sure to check back here for the latest new arrivals.

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