Overpowered Warzone 2 glitch gives players free Gulag wins thanks to major headstart

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone 2 player in the gulag

Warzone 2 players are experiencing a glitch that sees them gain a headstart in the Gulag, as they can skip the countdown entirely for a free win.

Warzone 2 is certainly not immune to bugs and issues, with players recently highlighting poor player model visibility in hope of change.

While a lot of these problems aren’t game-breaking, meaning players can still enjoy the game without the experience being ruined most of the time, glitches and bugs are still a great annoyance and can seriously start to demotivate those who encounter them frequently.

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Players are now bringing attention to a Warzone 2 Gulag glitch which is causing unfair fights, as it allows players to completely skip the countdown and start moving toward the enemy early.

Reddit users are posting clips in the Warzone 2 subreddit showing this glitch in action, which allows players to skip the Gulag countdown for a major headstart, and even a free Gulag win in some cases.

Confused, the OP titled the post, “enemy got to skip the Gulag countdown?” They aren’t the only ones who have experienced this either, as one comment read “I’ve had this happen quite a bit, luckily it does show where they’re going.”

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While the player was able to defeat the enemy thanks to the wallhacks during the Gulag countdown period, it’s possible for the player with the headstart to kill the enemy before the countdown is even finished, making it an extremely unfair glitch.

While the clip above showed a player lucky enough to kill the enemy with the headstart, not everyone is this fortunate, as another Reddit post showcased a different outcome.

This glitch is leading to outrage about general performance issues and glitches being so frequent in Warzone 2, as so many players in the comments of the post express frustrations with the devs.

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One user stated “Bro every f**king day on this sub I see a clip of a person either falling prey to the bug or a person taking advantage of it,” clearly fed up with the game’s issues. Hopefully the Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded update can address some of these bugs and glitches to alleviate the frustrations.

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Image Credits: Activision

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