Warzone players beg devs to get rid of “stupid” Gulag lasers

Aakash Regmi
Warzone player in Gulag

Gulag in Warzone Season 2 pits you with a gun that has a laser attached to it, and players aren’t finding the idea fun, calling it “one of the dumbest ideas ever.”

Warzone Season 2 is now well underway, as we’re nearing the mid-season Reloaded update. Season 2 brought all the usuals you’d expect for the battle royale—new guns in the RAM-9 SMG and BP50 AR, new modes, and the return of fan-favorite Fortune’s Keep.

With the integration of MW3, Gulag in Warzone also saw several changes, and starting with Season 2, weapons in Gulag come with a laser attachment. Players were already frustrated with the visibility, and they the think addition of laser was a “lazy ‘fix’ to visibility issues” and that the idea was “so stupid.”

Reddit user ‘Intelligent_Bag_6705’ made a post on the CODWarzone subreddit, saying “Gulag lasers have had the opposite effect.” The OP added, “I encounter more camping behind crates than I ever did without the lasers. Add the fact that the guns are f**king useless when you return and it’s gotta be one of the dumbed ideas ever.”

Many agreed with user ‘Intelligent_Bag_6705,’ as one player explained, “The laser on every f**king gun in Gulag is so stupid. You either have to camp and hide so your opponent doesn’t see where you are [because] of the laser or try and quickly push, which in most scenarios… I end up losing when I should’ve won.”

Plenty of other players asked devs for an option to manually disable them in Warzone: “Developers can’t integrate a simple ‘turn off laser’ option like in Battlefield 3.”

Meanwhile, some wanted the game to dial back to the original, “I miss the Gulag simply being a 1v1 version of gunfight like it was on WZ1 with randomized weapons. Why everything has to be rigged?” and a few other suggested changes: “I will die on this hill and say that the Gulag should be pistols and pistols only.”

Warzone will continue to get changes with the coming updates, and players hope that the upcoming Season 3 features changes to Gulag. Leaks suggest the fan-favorite Rebirth Island map is coming with the third season.