How to win Warzone 2 Gulag: 1v1 tips & tricks

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Warzone 2’s Gulag has returned to the classic 1v1 Gulag, so for those who are looking for some tips to win their tense redemption fight, here’s our guide.

As well as introducing Ashika Island, the Warzone 2 Season update scrapped the 2v2 Gulag for the classic 1v1 format that players had been calling for.

While those who are more familiar with Warzone 1 may be more accustomed to the solo Gulag experience, Warzone 2 players may feel slightly lost without a teammate. With that said, here’s our guide to winning your Warzone 2 1v1 Gulag, so that you can redeploy and take advantage of your second chance.

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Warzone 2 GulagWarzone 2’s Gulag has returned to the 1v1 format.

Top tips for winning your Warzone 2 Gulag 1v1

Play to your loadout’s strengths

Make sure you play to the strengths of the loadout you have been given in Warzone 2‘s Gulag. If you have an SMG, keep in mind that you will need to be within range to do significant damage. The variety of weaponry has changed a lot in Season 2, so make sure you’re aware of what’s in your hands when you spawn in.

Check which Equipment you have been given — things like Snapshot grenades can be extremely handy in a 1v1, revealing your enemy’s position and applying pressure, which could cause them to crack.

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Perfect a strategy

If you find success going a certain way in the Warzone 2 Gulag, perfect it. For example, if you like taking the higher ground or playing patient to first find out where your opponent is, perfect this strategy and hone in on the tactics that are successful.

Of course, you will need to shift your strategy to adjust to certain situations, but in general, sticking to what you know can be very rewarding.

Be smart but confident

Winning the 1v1 Gulag in Warzone 2 is a lot to do with confidence, as sometimes players give their opponent too much respect, which gives them a competitive advantage. It’s important to be smart, however, as playing confidently doesn’t mean you should go out guns blazing.

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Pick your time to push and be patient, sometimes playing confidently is about reading your opponent before making a move. If they seem eager to push, hold lines of sight to stop them. If they like to play more passively, snuff them out with angles and Equipment.

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