When is Rebirth Island coming back to Warzone?

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Rebirth Island is one of the most popular Warzone maps ever created and the devs confirmed that it’s making a return. Here’s when Rebirth Island is coming back to Warzone.

Warzone Season 1 introduced players to the Urzikstan map, but most continue to wonder when Rebirth Island is coming back. Warzone players then received a fan-favorite map in Season 2 with Fortune’s Keep being reintroduced, but Rebirth Island’s return has yet to arrive.

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The fan-favorite Rebirth Island Resurgence map made a long-lasting impression on Warzone players and the devs confirmed that it would be coming back. Here’s all we know about when Rebirth Island is coming back to Warzone.

Warzone Rebirth Island return window leaked

Rebirth Island could make a return to Warzone in Season 3, according to datamined files found in the Season 2 update.

The Warzone Season 2 update brought the Fortune’s Keep map to the battle royale on February 7, and it seems that Rebirth Island may not be too far away. The devs originally confirmed that Rebirth Island is expected to hit Warzone later in 2024, but no official release date has been revealed yet.

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If the leaked information turns out to be true, players can keep an eye on April 2 or April 3 as the tentative start date for Season 3, given the current Season 2 timer in the MW3 and Warzone menu.

Raven Software confirmed that the original team at Beenox is spearheading the development for the comeback of the map.

Following the conclusion of Warzone Caldera on September 21, 2023, Resurgence fans only had access to Vondel, Ashika Island, and limited zones within Urzikstan’s POIs as maps. All that changed in Season 2 with the introduction of Fortune’s Keep, and Season 3 could bring even more to the table.

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On January 18, Raven Software shared the first Warzone Rebirth Island 2024 teaser alongside confirming the return of the Specialist Perk Package.

That wraps up everything we know about Rebirth Island’s status in Warzone. For more on the game, be sure to check out our other guides

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