All Rebirth Island map changes in Warzone Season 3

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Rebirth Island Lighthouse Infil Streak

Rebirth Island makes its comeback in Warzone Season 3, and while the personality of the map remains intact, Raven Software are introducing several dynamic map changes with the updated version. So here’s every dynamic event in Warzone Season 3.

Warzone Season 3 marks the long-awaited return of the fan-favorite Resurgence map, Rebirth Island. Despite players having a first look at the updated island which retains its iconic design, many noted that some changes are coming to the map.

So, here are all the changes to Rebirth Island in Season 3.


Every Rebirth Island dynamic event in Warzone Season 3

Infil Streaks

Warzone‘s Rebirth Island will undergo random dynamic events in three of its iconic POIs, as part of the Infil Strikes, a set of dynamic changes that will happen randomly at the beginning of the matches. Also, the updated version of the map introduces water mechanics.

Prison roof collapse

Rebirth Island Prison Infil Streak
The Prison roof collapse will allow new entrances to the POI’s interior.

As shown in Warzone Season 3’s trailer, the Prison’s roof can collapse, leaving additional access points and debris scattered. This POI is at the map’s center and offers players a compact area to fight. After its opening, this area will probably become even more risky and engaged.

Lighthouse disintegration

Rebirth Island Lighthouse Infil Streak
Rebirth Island’s Lighthouse is players’ favorite spot to snipe.

Another area affected by dynamic events is the Lighthouse, which will be taken out and destroy part of its surroundings. Like the Prison POI, this will allow players to seek other approaches to the area and maybe spice up things.

Unfortunately for Sniper players, this Infil Streak will take away one of their favorite sniping spots.

Water Tower wreckage

The Water Tower’s destruction takes away one of the most visited points on the island.

The third and last POI affected by the Infil Streaks will be the iconic Water Tower which will also be wrecked taking away another Sniper’s favorite spot. While this location is a great POI connector and place to hunt enemy activity due to its height, its destruction will reconsider many players’ drops.

Underwater system

While the change might not appear as significant as all the above, the updated version of Rebirth Island will introduce an underwater system, expected to enable players to navigate specific regions without the risk of exposure on land.

Previously, the map lacked access to the surrounding water and contained no water features. This restriction limited player movement to the land, concentrating all activity on land.

There you have it, that’s every change coming with the updated version of Rebirth Island in Warzone Season 3.

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