Warzone Rebirth Island: All POIs

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Warzone Rebirth Island

The fan-favorite Resurgence map Rebirth Island returns to Warzone in Season 3, reintroducing all its iconic POIs for players to dive into again. Here are all the Warzone Rebirth Island POIs.

Warzone Season 3 will mark a significant update as it reintroduces the beloved Rebirth Island map, complete with all its iconic POIs. Whether it is your first time visiting the island or your long-awaited return after years, knowing the map perfectly can help secure victories.

So, here are all of Warzone‘s Rebirth Island points of interest.

All Warzone Rebirth Island POIs

Warzone Rebirth Island
Rebirth Island returns to the battle royale after Warzone Caldera shut down on September 2023.

Warzone’s Rebirth Island has 11 POIs, including a ton of fan-favorites ones. Here’s every Rebirth Island POI in Warzone Season 3:

  • Bioweapons
  • Industry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Dock
  • Control Center
  • Prison
  • Harbor
  • Headquarters
  • Factory
  • Living Quarters
  • Stronghold

Every Warzone Rebirth Island POI

Here’s a breakdown of every Rebirth Island POI in Warzone, so you’re more than ready to drop into the map once the Season 3 update arrives.


Warzone Rebirth Island Bioweapons
Bioweapons is located at the northern edge of the map.

Bioweapons stands out for its unique building that allows players to drop away from the chaos, equip themselves with loot, and rotate toward the central area. While there aren’t many structures to loot, this area can become useful due to its connection with Chemical Engineering and Industry.


Warzone Rebirth Island Industry
The Industry POI can be used as a connection between Chemical Engineering and Bioweapons.

Eye-catching by its imposing structure, Industry offers plenty of room for exploration and scavenging for valuable loot as well as constant fights, featuring interior and exterior zones. While it might appear less bustling compared to the well-known Prison, its connectivity renders it an intriguing spot to visit.

Chemical Engineering

Warzone Rebirth Island Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering allows players to jump into the water and border the map.

The Chemical Engineering POI offers multiple access spots to the map, across the land, or using the new Rebirth Island aquatic movement system. In addition to its buildings, this area facilitates easy traversal along the map’s edge.


Warzone Rebirth Island Dock
In the previous iteration of Warzone, Dock was popular for its end-game battles.

Although often overlooked, veteran players will recall the Dock point of interest for its intense late-game fights. Additionally, this POI will now include innovative water tunnels, enhancing its appeal as a strategic hub for accessing various areas of the map.

Control Center

Warzone Rebirth Island Control Center
Rebirth movement demons will recognize the Control Center’s intense encounters.

When discussing the iconic locations on Rebirth Island, Control Center is certainly one of them. This POI features a compact building full of action. Whether you access it via the rooftop or through its doors, brace yourself for the fast-paced action that awaits within.


Warzone Rebirth Island Prison
Prison is most players’ favorite spot to drop in Rebirth Island.

If you want immediate action, Prison will definitely be your favorite place to drop. Veteran Warzone players will easily identify this central spot featuring a sizable structure hosting a vast battleground and an iconic indoor section boasting prison cells stocked with valuable loot.

Almost right next to this POI, many snipers will find the infamous water tower allowing them to pick off enemies from afar. Additionally, this POI will be one of the three locations to be affected by the new Infil Strikes dynamic events.


Warzone Rebirth Island Harbor
Harbor can be useful to stock up on loot before attacking central areas.

Usually overlooked, Habor presents itself as an excellent location for gearing up before venturing into the action-packed central area of Rebirth Island. With several buildings for looting, it serves as a strategic hub whether you’re gearing up for kills or aiming to play a more organized match.


Warzone Rebirth Island Headquarters
Headquarters includes the well-known Lighthouse, a favorite among Sniper enthusiasts.

While its structures may seem small, the focal point of Headquarters lies within the Lighthouse, strategically positioned for Snipers keen on long-distance attacks. Exercise caution when crossing the area, as Sniper glints frequently emerge, posing a potential threat.


Warzone Rebirth Island Factory
Factory is located on the southwestern shoreline of the map.

Connecting the southern region of the map, Factory shares characteristics reminiscent of Prison or Industry, featuring a sizable central building along with attached structures helping to engage in activities while also serving as an optimal area for gearing up.

Additionally, this POI contains a boat, which proves to be useful for avoiding buildings right at the start.

Living Quarters

Warzone Rebirth Island Living Quarters
Living Quarters works like a little map of its own.

Almost functioning as a small map of its own, Living Quarters can be the ideal place to have just the right amount of action and loot. Similar to a neighborhood, it features various structures allowing players to get prepared, as well as access points linking it to Stronghold and Factory.


Warzone Rebirth Island Stronghold
Stronghold is located right at the southwestern edge of the island.

Right on the edge of the map, although separated from the map, Stronghold emerges as a unique battleground in its own right. This point of interest boasts a variety of valuable structures for looting, along with offering the best route for traversing to other locations on the island.

All in all, those were all the Warzone Rebirth Island POIs. For more on the game, be sure to check out our other guides:

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