When is Warzone Caldera shutting down?

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Activision have confirmed that Warzone Caldera’s servers will definitely go offline. If you’re curious about when the original iteration will be gone, here’s when Warzone Caldera is officially shutting down.

Despite the continuous influx of new content since its inception, Warzone 2 has undeniably garnered significant attention. However, Warzone Caldera has defied the odds by maintaining its online presence, appealing to players who continue to cherish the game’s original mechanics, even amidst substantial and often unpopular alterations.

Unfortunately, Activision have confirmed that Warzone Caldera will shut down, meaning players only have a limited time to bid the game a fitting farewell.

If you’re wondering when the Warzone Caldera servers are shutting down, here’s everything you need to know.  

When do Warzone Caldera servers shut down?

As confirmed by Activision, the Warzone Caldera servers will be shut down on September 21, 2023. Following this, the game application will be removed from all PlayStation, Xbox, and PC storefronts, meaning players will no longer have access to the game.

This news came after Warzone 2’s name change, now simply referred to as Warzone, and just seven months since the original Warzone was renamed to Warzone Caldera. By the time the game’s servers are permanently shut down, Warzone Caldera will have been active in its current state for 11 months – almost a year.

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What happens to my Warzone Caldera bundles?

Any bundles or skins purchased in Warzone Caldera won’t be transferred to Warzone 2, but will still be available in its corresponding multiplayer, be it Vanguard, Black Ops Cold War, or Modern Warfare 2019.

According to the blog post, come September 21, “all Caldera gameplay, player progression, inventories, and online services will expire.”

This means that players who solely engage in the battle royale mode and don’t possess any of the mentioned multiplayer titles will no longer have access to their purchased content.

Why did Activision shut down Warzone Caldera?

Although the blog post announcing the discontinuation of Warzone Caldera didn’t provide an in-depth explanation, it did express the intention to enable the teams to “focus on future Call of Duty content including the current Warzone free-to-play experience.”

With Modern Warfare 3 launching November 10 and Warzone Mobile slated for release later this year, in addition to the continuation of Warzone 2 content like Season 5 Reloaded, Activision appears to hold the belief that shifting their resources toward these areas would yield greater advantages.

That was everything we know about when Warzone Caldera will be shutting down. For more Warzone 2 titles, make sure you check out our other guides:

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